Brit Banned From Boxing Because Of Fake Boobs

There are plenty of good reasons for a boxer to be banned from the ring. Maybe you have AIDS like Tommy Morrison, and you are therefore a risk of infecting other boxers. Maybe you’re Mike Tyson and since you’ve already tried to bite somebody’s ear off, have that whole rape conviction, and are generally starting to suck anyway, various boxing federations just don’t want you. One reason you should never be barred from boxing, though, is because you have breast implants.

Sarah Blewden

That’s exactly what’s happening to Sarah Blewden, who has been told by the Amateur Boxing Association of England that she will not be allowed to compete for the country’s 2016 Olympic team because of her fake breasts. Not because they put other boxers at risk, but because international rules bar anyone with them from competing because repeated punches to the body could deform the implants and breast tissue surrounding them. All of which Blewden thinks is bollocks.

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Ex-Eagle Makes A Run For The Border - On Patrol

• Former Philly Eagle Jamaal Green goes from prowling along the sidelines to prowling along the Mexican border.

Jamaal Green Border Patrol

• The case of Barry Bonds’ illegal use of The Clear gets a little murky.

Tommy Morrison is taking his HIV-hampered talents to MMA on PPV.

• Having problems in your apartment? Just talk to Mo Vaughn.

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Tommy Morrison to Fight on Internet Pay Per View

It’s been a few years since former two-time heavyweight champion Tommy Morrison has been in the headlines, and in those few opportunities when anybody is talking about him these days, his boxing career is seldom the subject. That’s bound to happen when a positive test for HIV ends your boxing career as it did for Morrison back in 1996, but there’s been plenty of controversy about that blood test ever since.

Tommy Morrison

Morrison has fought since that positive test a few times, and also claims that he never had HIV and that the test results were a “false-positive.” Of course, there was also an article in the ARIZONA REPUBLIC - I scoured the internets for the original story, but it’s no longer on the paper’s website - back in June 2007 in which Morrison’s former agent, Randy Lang, said that not only was Morrison HIV-positive, but that he also had Hepatitis C. So really, it seems that nobody knows for sure whether Morrison is sick or not, but we do know he’ll be fighting later this month, though it won’t be in a boxing match.

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