Blog-O-Rama: Saying Goodbye to Bobby Murcer

Bobby Murcer

  • THE BIG LEAD gives us the scoop on a brawl at Florida high school football exhibition game.
  • DEADSPIN digs up a video of UFC star Forrest Griffin as a high school football player with no real regard for the saftey of his cranium.
  • BUSTED COVERAGE finds the man who put the “X” in Texas.
  • ESPN THE MAGAZINE goes inside the house of a bobble head collector who spent his birthday in Bridgeport, CT picking up the Tommy John Bobble Arm doll.
  • TAMPA BAY.COM dusts Pat Summerall off to countdown their top 25 Super Bowl moments.

Blog-A-Roni: Bird Poop On Head Good Luck Charm

• The LONDON GUARDIAN has the poop on Barnsley’s coach getting a lucky omen before his team’s big upset over Liverpool: “I left the team hotel for a walk in the town centre, and as I was talking a bird shat right on my head.”

Bird pooping on kid's head

• RANDBALL crunches the numbers & debunks the myth that only 5 NHL teams are below .500.

• Based on his recent clownish behavior, BLEACHER REPORT’s satirical story on Terrelle Pryor joining the Ringling Bros. Circus doesn’t seem so silly.

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