NY Mets’, Scott Linehan’s Seasons End Too Soon

• The New York Mets are out of the playoff picture, thanks to a late-season swoon. This is not a repeat.

Scott Linehan Mets fans

• Not Ram tough: Scott Linehan is given the St. Louis toodle-oo.

• Don’t call it a comeback: Shawn Kemp goes AWOL from his Italian b-ball club, blames it on Hurricane Ike.

• Hard to tell which was more painful to watch - Anquan Boldin taking a hit to the helmet, or the Jets’ Titan-ically terrible throwback duds.

• The Brewers’ season-ending run was exciting enough to make you tinkle in your trousers. But make sure you don’t sing “Go Cubs Go!” at Miller Park.

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Is Tommy Amaker Killing Ivy League Basketball?

To say that Tommy Amaker is bringing a different approach to Ivy League basketball as head coach at Harvard is a bit of an understatement. You could either look at his recent actions on the recruiting and player development front as an aggressive, experienced coach bringing big-time basketball to a school, or a blood-thirsty coach destroying the Ivy League experience by instituting a reckless, “win at all costs” mentality.

Tommy Amaker

Case in point: The NEW YORK TIMES reports that Amaker has dismissed five players from the team - including three sophomores who had started last season - and told them they wouldn’t be on the varsity team this season. They could play on the JV team if they wanted, though (and isn’t is quaint that Harvard still has a JV team).

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Digger Phelps Getting His Pre-Game Groove On

Stealing autographed Red Sox balls from a little girl’s suitcase? Who knew Hank Steinbrenner worked in airport security?

• ESPN analyst Digger Phelps knows how to Rock Chalk Jayhawk with a Kansas cheerleader.

Digger Phelps dancing video capture

• Can a twisted testicle be eased by an electronic bone stimulator?

Roger Clemens’ appearance pumps up the Rockets to their 15th straight win.

• A fan expresses his love for the Charlotte Bobcats the only he can - through song.

Tyrone Willingham’s a great guy. Now if he could only be a great coach again.

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Exiled Amaker Breaks NCAA Rules At … Harvard?!

The NEW YORK TIMES has a piece today on Tommy Amaker as he plumbs the depths of the bowels of college basketball at Harvard. Amaker is in his first year coaching the astonishingly, historically-inept Crimson (they’ve never won an Ivy League title?) .

Tommy Amaker Kelvin Sampson

Now, we know what a wonderfully mediocre head coach T.A. was in his previous stops at Michigan and Seton Hall. But Pete Thamel of the NEW YORK TIMES reports that he may have somehow eclipsed that futility at Harvard, by committing NCAA recruiting violations at the scholarship-free institution. Read more…