Detroit Lions’ Customer Service Policy: “F— ‘Em”

Pop quiz, everybody! Take a look at the following two buttons from Microsoft Outlook and then answering the following questions:

Email buttons

1. Which one of these is for treating a customer with kindness and respect?
2. Which one of these is for talking trash about the customer behind their back when no one in the organization can drag themselves away from Stuff on My Cat long enough to do their jobs?

If you answered “Reply to All” and then “Reply”, you’re officially more qualified to work for the Detroit Lions than the current season ticket staff. Instead, they’re stuck with ones that tell an angry season ticket holder “f— ‘em” in an errant email.

Laughing horse

We’re fairly certain this level of truthful disclosure wasn’t required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, though we wish it was. It’s nice to see the Lions organization ahead of the curve in at least one aspect.

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