Cubbie Fans, This Budweiser Lawsuit Is For You!

For years the building at 3701 North Kenmore in Chicago has been known around the country, and even the world. Now, nobody famous was born there, or died there, or as far as I know did anything of consequence there. No, the reason the building is famous is because of what’s painted on top of it. It’s the Budweiser Building that has long been visible to anybody attending a Cubs game or watching at home on television.

Well, it’s status as the Budweiser Building may soon be changing according to the man who owns the building. Tom Gramatis bought the building back in June for $8.35 million, and it’s worth it, given the amount of money he can bring in through advertising on it’s rooftop. Of course, it would help out a lot if the boys at Anheuser-Busch could pay their bills on time.

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