Now State Lotteries Can Make Pass at NFL Teams

The NFL joined other sports leagues earlier this month in protesting sports gambling in the state of Delaware.  The NFL in particular alerted the Delaware Supreme Court that skills plays “an impermissible” role in the art of sports gambling and therefore should not be legal.

Boston Celtics lottery ticket

(It’ll be just as classy as this; promise!)

However, choosing your parents’ anniversary date as your Pick 4 numbers doesn’t count as skill in the NFL’s eyes, which is why they’re encouraging your favorite team to belly up to the state lottery trough and partner up for special games based around NFL teams.  Why not? Guessing if Brett Favre will return has the same amount of skill as scratching a $5 vending ticket.

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Lawrence Taylor Wants Plaxico To Put Team First

When Lawrence Taylor entered the NFL, he changed the game forever. When teams saw that they were playing the New York Giants, offenses literally had to spend more time in practice figuring out how to keep L.T. from destroying their quarterback than they did actually running plays. When Taylor was on the field, he tore things up, and he wasn’t much different off the field either.

Taylor’s antics away from the game are well known. The parties, the women, the drugs, the hookers sent to opponents hotel rooms — these are the things that helped grow the L.T. legend. Still, no matter what the man did from Tuesday through Saturday when the Giants weren’t playing, he always showed up on game day. Of course, that doesn’t mean I don’t find it odd that now Taylor has advice for current Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress.

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Sharpton Calls NY Post Racist Over Plaxico Article

New York Giants wide receiver Plaxico Burress has had one hell of a year.   Ever since winning the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots, it seems as though Plax can do nothing right.   When he’s not ticking off his coach and getting suspended by his own team for two games, he’s, well actually he’s always making Tom Coughlin mad.   When he wakes up in the morning and uses the bathroom Coughlin calls to yell at him for leaving the seat up.   “It’s just not considerate,” he screams into the phone.

So it wasn’t exactly a surprise that Coughlin suspended Plaxico for the first quarter of the Giants game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Sunday after he missed a few practices and skipped getting treatment on his injured neck.   It was a move a lot of Giants fans support, and a lot of folks in the local media supported it as well.   Of course, if you ask Al Sharpton — and really, why wouldn’t you ask him — the NEW YORK POST went over the line.

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Strahan Could Return To New York Giants For $8M

The first prayer hastily muttered by Giants head coach Tom Coughlin after defensive end Osi Umenyiora was carted out of the stadium with a knee injury last weekend: “Dear Lord, let Osi be alright ’cause we’re really gonna need him this season…”

Michael Strahan drinks milk

Promptly followed by: “… but just in case you see fit to hobble him indefinitely, let Brett Favre’s spirit move over Michael Strahan as we try to talk him out of retirement.”

Umenyiora’s out for the season, which means that the Giants will be without their best pass rusher. Just so happens, there’s a pretty good one still available, even though he no longer plays football and is now in the employ of Fox Sports. Semantics, apparently.

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Man Tries to Extort NYG Coach over False Affairs

Philadelphia sports fans, in general, are jerks. And not in the good, New York kind of way. Booing Santa Claus is the most popular case of Philly fanaticism gone horribly awry, and today, THE SMOKING GUN offers the latest example.

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin

A Philadelphia man tried to extort money from Giants head coach Tom Coughlinby claiming that he would expose details of extramarital affairs purportedly engaged in by the head of the reigning Super Bowl champions..” Classy.

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Blog-Some: What 115,000 Dodgers Fans Look Like

• For those still stuck in traffic, THE GRIDDLE cooks up this nifty photo from Saturday’s Dodgers-Red Sox game at the L.A. Coliseum:

Dodgers at Los Angeles Coliseum

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE wants it both ways, as they wonder if they’ll ever see a two-sport pro again.

• LIGHTNING STRIKES slashes up news that Tampa Bay skater Dan Boyle almost had his own Richard Zednik/Clint Malarchuk moment.

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The Only Real Reason To Root Against The Giants

We were really starting to like the Giants. We appreciate Eli Manning’s cool restraint. Michael Strahan is amusingly jocular. And even Tom Coughlin’s cartoonish intensity has begun to soften us up.

In all, we’re finding it very hard to root against the Giants these days.

Huge Boobs New York Giants Fan

That is, until we saw this.

Blog-O-Rama: Tempting Tennis Babes Down Under

• THE ANGRY T won’t be faulted for serving up these Aussie Open hotties.

Maria Sharapova Australian Open

• Staying Down Under, BUSTED COVERAGE discovers Maria Sharapova’s dad is the Unabomber.

• SPORTS MEDIA JOURNAL looks at how the local newsies in the Big Apple and Beantown are psyching up for the Big Game.

• Speaking of, WITH LEATHER knows it’s just not the Super Bowl without Carlos Mencia.

Carlos Mencia

• THE WORLD OF ISAAC needs your vote in deciding the greatest sports liar: Pete Rose or Barry Bonds?

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Rich Eisen Fondly Remembers Semi-Nude Spa Moment With Tom Coughlin

EISEN MISSES MASSAGE MEETINGS W/COACH COUGHLIN: Steve Greenberg of the SPORTING NEWS sits down for a lovely chat with Rich Eisen, the former ESPN anchor who now shills for the NFL Network. (That would explain why you don’t see much of Richie nowadays.)

Rich Eisen younger days

Anyway, Greenberg asks Eisen about various topics, such as what he misses most about the Worldwide Leader (Patrick, Olbermann, Kilborn, Stuart Scott), his favorite studio host (Ernie Johnson), and if he would call himself a journalist or entertainer (”How about an infotainer?“).Steve also brings up Eisen’s marriage to sideline reporter Suzy Shuster, which somehow makes Rich “something of a god.” Eisen responds, “My wife would love to hear that, although she wouldn’t put me up that high.”

Alycia Lane

But some other female reporters would, like this sports anchor from Philadelphia.And you would have to wonder why, after hearing what Eisen says is his most memorable moment from going “Total Access”:

Sitting in a spa waiting room and having Tom Coughlin walk in wearing the same white terry cloth towel. Our massages were scheduled for the same time and were supposed to have just started, so he walked up to the counter upset and let ‘em have it.”

Tom Coughlin men in towels

Of all the real and fake responses to offer, Eisen chooses the story of spending some semi-nude seconds with the New York Giants’ head coach.Ohhhhhh-kaaaaaaaaay. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)