Speed Read: Bills Blunder, Let Brady Off The Hook

You know the Bills have had a rough history when they can completely blow a game like they did last night, and you can think of like five worse that have happened to them over the years off the top of your head. Buffalo used a poorly-timed fumble on a kickoff that never should’ve been returned to come from ahead and lose to the Patriots, 25-24, in both teams’ season opener.

Tom Brady and Jim Kelly

(These guys have three Super Bowl rings between them)

It wasn’t a completely devastating loss for the Bills (they were, of course, supposed to lose). It’s not like Vincent Gallo’s going to make a movie about it or anything. But at this rate, the people of upstate New York are just going to start hoping the team moves to Toronto so they don’t have to be so miserable all the time. They also should be happy to know that Brady told his New England teammates that he “knew” the Bills would let them back into the game late.

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Pats Blast ESPN Over Erroneous Brady Coverage

ESPN was blabbering on all day yesterday about how the Patriots are bent out of shape that Tom Brady didn’t go to a team-picked doctor in Boston, but instead went to go to a physician of his own choosing out in California for his knee surgery — the knee surgery which has gone so horribly wrong that they might have to do the whole thing over again. But last night, the Pats issued a statement taking exception with ESPN’s reporting on the story.

Tom Brady's knee

It’s funny, since ESPN was so diligent about not reporting anything related to Brett Favre’s alleged calls to Matt Millen to expose the Packers’ super secret game plan against the Lions.  The press release from the Pats about the Brady situation is a passive-aggressive masterpiece.

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Pats Lineman Ends Time Undercover With A Bust

Patriots offensive lineman are making all sorts of news this week: While some are blowing their protective duties to Golden Boy Tom Brady, hilariously ending the team’s chances this year, others like Nick Kaczur are doing their duty to protect this country by blowing up drug rings.

Nick Kaczur

Kaczur, as you’ll remember, was busted with about 200 Canadian-made Oxycontin last April and then, to get out of a year in jail - and, presumably, out of the goodness of his heart - worked out a deal with the authorities to wear a wire during his next few drug transactions. Well, the guy they busted just plead guilty. Eat it, drug pushers!

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Gisele Bundchen Will Be The Death Of Tom Brady

As New England Patriots fans ponder their existence without Tom Brady, they’re looking for someone to place the blame on for Brady’s torn ACL. Obviously, the popular target of blame is Kansas City Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard. Pollard is the one who knocked Brady out, but the NFL has already said there was nothing dirty about the hit. So if Patriots fans can’t blame Pollard, who can they blame?

Yep, it’s all Gisele Bundchen’s fault. Why ever since she came into Tommy’s life, things have just started going downhill for the golden boy.

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