Screw Dat: New Orleans Owner Remains No Saint

The aftermath of the Super Bowl victory by the New Orleans Saints was a delightfully amusing experience for me. Not because of Saints improbable triumph on the field, but the stupefyingly revisionist reporting about team owner Tom Benson.

Despite his constant threats the past two decades to move the NFL team out of New Orleans, including less-than-subtle hints after Hurricane Katrina, Benson was largely lauded by team staffers, media and league officials for his staunch stewardship of the franchise and loyalty to Lousiana and Saints fans.Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, and I’m happy to report that Benson is back to his old ways, using the goodwill of the Super Bowl victory as cover to blow out 1,200 longtime Saints season seat holders in favor of luxury suites. Oh yeah, and he’s also raising ticket prices. Again.
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AFL Going Under? Internet Reports, You Decide

You know it’s a slow news day when the Internet rumor mill deigns to discuss Arena Football. And normally the AFL would be thrilled that people are even talking about them, but probably not this time; the scuttlebutt has the league alternately contracting, suspending operations, or shutting down altogether.

Jon Bon Jovi and Ron Jaworski

(The AFL is indeed, if rumor is to be believed, livin’ on a prayer.)

The sum total of the sources right now appears to be two players on the Columbus Destroyers, and a reader of the COLUMBUS DISPATCH with a “friend with close ties to one of the west coast teams.” So let’s not get our britches tied in a knot just yet. Still, there are plenty of reasons to think the AFL might be in some serious trouble.

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Saints Cover Owner’s Cars In Feces. Wait, What?!

Conflict resolution is a fine art, often requiring the greatest of tact by both parties involved. If there’s one thing you want, it’s to bring everyone to a common understanding and work from there. We would probably recommend a handshake. We would probably not recommend taking a giant dump on your boss’s car. Good holy lord we would not recommend that.

Car bird poop
(If this story were about the Cardinals)

But according to PROFOOTBALLTALK.COM, that’s precisely what some members of the New Orleans Saints did to owner Tom Benson. Seriously. They saw some new cars of his… and pooped on them. Details, all safe for work because come on folks, gross, after the break: Read more…