Names Of Players Who Complained About Mangino

Yesterday we broke the news that KU football players were complaining to the school’s athletic admin about Mark Mangino’s treatment of themĀ  - and how AD Lew Perkins threw Mangino under the bus.

Kansas Players Who Complained About Abuse From Mark Mangino

(Top to Bottom: Angus Quigley, Dakota Lewis, Arist Wright)

We haven’t known the players who complained, until now. Read more…

Mangino On The Brink Of Being Fired By Kansas

Earlier today, we got word that some KU football players, past and present, were meeting with Kansas Athletic Director Lew Perkins to discuss the coaching methods of Mark Mangino.

Mark Mangino

(Exactly What Did Mangino Do To His Players?)

Mangino then met with Perkins who told him that the school is bringing in an “unbiased” consultant to evaluate the football program.

Mangino maintained to the media that he had not lost his players, and that, “I may have lost some people around here, but it’s not players. Take that for what it’s worth, you decipher it.”

KU quarterback Todd Reesing also met with the media, and didn’t exactly fall all over himself in supporting his coach. Read more…

A Peek Into The Charmed Life Of QB Todd Reesing

Players like Tim Tebow, Colt McCoy, and Sam Bradford have dominated the quarterback discussion during this college football offseason. And it’s for good reason - the QBs all have a shot at leading their teams to national championships this season (or at least did, before OU crashed and burned against BYU). Interviews with the QBs, especially Tebow, reveal intense, earnest young men who take their duties and leadership seriously. And that’s great - the world needs more role models like them.

Todd Reesing

(Yes, he did this on purpose.)

But for hundreds of thousands of young adults across the country, being a college student has nothing to do with being a role model for millions of Americans. It means parties, and bars, and having as much fun as possible before entering the world of adulthood. For those students, there is no better role model - none whatsoever - than University of Kansas quarterback Todd Reesing.

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Todd Reesing Leads Voting For Davey OBrien Quarteback Award

KU COACH, QB READY TO PUT MARK ON MORE THAN SBARRO Much like Kansas football coach Mark Mangino’s postgame Saturday ritual at Sbarro, Jayhawks football is slowly approaching world domination, with a 8-0 record going into their game against Nebraska this Saturday.

Mark Mangino

Honestly, we wouldn’t be surprised if the ‘Hawks lost the rest of their regular season games - or won them all. With the Flying Manginos (we loved them on the trapeze at the Shriners Circus), you never know who is going to come out of the tunnel (besides Baby J, of course).

Kansas Jayhawks Mascot Baby Jay

But fellow Lawrence lovers, here’s one thing we can control, the online voting for the Davey O’Brien award, which signifies the top college quarterback. And your early leader is none other than Kansas QB Todd Reesing:

Tood Reesing

It’s nice to see that the KU computer science lab rats have Reesing’s back, and will continue to game encourage us all to vote for college football’s best player under 5-foot-10.Now we’re off to get raped look for an online ticket hookup for the Nov. 24 KU-MU game at Arrowhead.