T.O. Explains Why Donovan McNabb Resents Him

I’ll admit to being skeptical when I heard Terrell Owens was headed to Dallas to revitalize his career. Again. The embattled wide receiver had basically burned every bridge on his way out of town in San Francisco and Philadelphia, and there was no way he wouldn’t eventually do the same with Jerry Jones‘ Cowboys.

Terrell Owens cries

Funny story: T.O. has epitomized what it’s meant to be a model teammate (save that bizarre suicide-attempt thing), and went so far as to defend his quarterback from the media during a blubber-filled, post-playoff-loss press conference last year. It was oddly refreshing.

Well, the Cowboys will play the Eagles on Monday night in the biggest matchup of the young season, and Owens used the occasion to explain why things never worked out with Philly quarterback Donovan McNabb. (Shockingly, it’s not T.O.’s fault. Didn’t see that coming):

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