TNT’s Next Primetime Drama Star: Barry Switzer

Law & Order reruns will suffice (for me, anyway) if nothing else is on. So to say that I’m open minded to new shows would be an understatement. However, as for The Closer and Saving Grace - well, TNT beat their ads into my skull too much to even give them a chance.

Barry Switzer Holly Hunter

Unless … what’s that you say, talking box? A gun-slinging version of Barry Switzer might show up as Holly Hunter’s gun-slinging sidekick to save the show from certain cancellation?!?

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Barkley Gets ‘Burgundy’d’ By TNT Teleprompter

Submitted for your approval: mild-mannered basketball talking person Charles Barkley must get through the intro for a segment on TNT’s basketball coverage. Meanwhile, the impish Ernie Johnson tests the theory that Barkley read anything you put on that screen. Let’s look at the final result, found via FOUL BALLS:

Aw man, that’s some good levity. Although it seems that newscasters are finally warming up to that quaint little movie called “Anchorman” lately. Could be just me, but I’ve seen a lot of Ron Burgundy references on the airwaves lately. Read more…

Baron Davis To TNT’s Craig Sager: Nice Outfit!

You wouldn’t think of Golden State’s Baron Davis to be offended by someone wearing his team’s colors and stopping him for a quick word on his way to the locker room.

Craig Sager SbB Girls

Then again, you wouldn’t think Craig Sager had stolen his sideline wardrobe from Shakes The Clown, either. See the outfit and Davis’ awesome reaction after the jump. Read more…

Iverson Has No Answer For Sir Charles’ Sourness

Allen Iverson doesn’t know why Charles Barkley doesn’t like him, since A.I. says he likes Chuck.

Charles Barkley Allen Iverson mug shots

USA TODAY chats with the Nuggets star about one of his biggest critics, and he ain’t talkin’ about practice. Barkley has said in the past how he “can’t stand” Iverson, yet Allen says the feeling’s not mutual:

I honestly love Charles. He’s the only reason I watch ‘Inside the NBA’. He’s entertaining and funny. I love him to death, as far as what he does.”

After a recent 51-point game against the Lakers, Iverson was labeled by Sir Charles as “one-dimensional”. But A.I. believes that some of Barkley’s bile may be a case of sour grapes:

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Frank Caliendo Does Quite A Good Charles Barkley

FRANK CALIENDO’S BARKLEY IMPRESSION GETS CHUCKLES: We earlier wrote how “Frank TV”, the show promoted non-stop during TBS’s baseball playoff coverage, would only air for four episodes.

Now it turns out they might be worth watching, after all:

(Fun starts at 1:01) 

YOU BEEN BLINDED alerts us to a clip of Frank Caliendo impersonating Charles Barkley. And it’s not just a clip from his show; Frankie had the basketballs to do it in front of Sir Charles himself.

After a minute of a “Frank TV” clip, Caliendo appears in the NBA on TNT studio with Barkley, Ernie Johnson and Kenny Smith. And right away, Frank launches in to the impression.

Frank Caliendo impersonate Charles Barkley

TNT even went so far as to dress up Frank as Sir Charles for part of his chrome-dome entertainment.

And we have to admit, Caliendo’s send-up is pretty damn funny. What makes it more hilarious is Barkley’s reaction throughout, which was basically this:

Not many chuckles came from Chuck. Even after Frank’s first words, Charles was already showing displeasure: “Alright, that’s how bad stuff happen around here.”

The full clip lasts just over 8 minutes, and Frank throws in his usual mimicking of John Madden & George W. Bush, while adding a new funny favorite - Bill Walton.

Charles Barkley Frank Caliendo

But the Barkley impression itself makes up for all the tiresome TV spots we had to endure during the Rockies’ miracle postseason run.

Frank, we forgive you. For now.