Hide The Baby Mamas! TMZSports.com Is Coming

I’ve recently learned that Warner Bros. and TMZ mastermind Harvey Levin will soon be starting a sports-only website called TMZSports.com (parked), to launch sometime in the next couple months.  The content will be akin to TMZ’s entertainment site - but for sports. I’ve also been told that the site was planned well before the Tiger Woods scandal, so the timing of the pending launch is fortuitous to say the least.

TMZ Sports Owned By Warner Bros./Telepictures

(Warner Bros. > Telepictures > TMZSports.com)

In what probably isn’t a coincidence, TMZ’s sports gossip site will go online almost immediately after Warner Bros. takes over complete control of the TMZ franchise from AOL. While TMZ.com is contractually obligated to remain as part of AOL.com for another year, that might not apply to TMZSports.com.

With that in mind, I don’t know if TMZSports.com will be formally associated with AOL’s Fanhouse sports site, but considering that TMZ.com will be making a clean break from AOL at the end of 2010, I would tend to doubt it.

When it comes to staffing, as TMZ.com lists no contributors, I would assume that TMZSports.com will be no different. I personally have heard nothing on who will be involved in content production.

Dwight Howard's Baby Mama Drama Soon Coming To TMZSports.com?

(Quick, throw her in the closet … DO IT NOW.)

So why is Levin is starting TMZSports.com? If you have to ask that question, this must be your first visit to SbB.

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Tiger: 16 Straight NY Post Covers, 3 Short Of 9/11

As noted by NEWSDAY’s Neil Best today, the Tiger Woods story has appeared on the front cover of the NEW YORK POST 16 straight days, three short of the record set by the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Tiger Woods New York Post Covers 16 Straight

That’s unimaginable to most, considering television and newspapers are far from the fuel line for the Woods saga. Websites like TMZ.com, RadarOnline, this one and many others not only ignited the biggest sports story of our lifetime, but continue to legitimately advance a complex plot that has the world population obsessed. (Just ask the CEOs of Google and Yahoo.)

Online-only investigative reporting is almost exclusively what has driven Woods to acknowledge his infidelity to the world - forcing all mainstream sports and news outlets to not only recognize the story but also give it a reluctant follow.

The Tiger Woods story is our best example yet about how the balance of media distribution power is shifting. Used to be that a story could only get tidal traction through the so-called legitimate media gatekeepers on television and in print.

But this story is prompted by hustling, bare bones blog outlets free from the tentacles of  incestuous financial arrangements with advertisers and the PGA Tour and worries over future access to Woods himself. Read more…

EA: “I’m Being Treated Like F-ing Britney Spears”

Recall that we mentioned TMZ’s revelation last week that the ultra-creepy, illegal Erin Andrews peephole videos were likely an inside job by someone either at ESPN or a third-party production company working closely with the network. It wasn’t a random job.

Erin Andrews walking

As it turns out, now that people have gotten the notion that it’s somehow okay to harass or otherwise invade the privacy of Andrews, it’s happening on a more frequent basis. And now the sideline princess is being forced to call 911 after the paparazzi was harassing her at her home.

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TMZ: Erin Andrews Tape An Inside Job By ESPN?

We’re finally lifting the embargo on the Erin Andrews tape. We’re not posting it, we’re not posting links to it, we’re not posting screencaps of it, we’re not posting one shred of it. We haven’t even watched it, and if you’ve got any respect for women, neither will you. It’s creepy as hell and illegal, and we wanted to avoid all instances of cheap pageview farming by posting some boilerplate outrage.

Erin Andrews gray

But if what Harvey Levin, the executive producer of TMZ, told Dan Patrick a couple days ago is true, then this is a deeper issue than just one isolated incident of gross perversion. Apparently there are multiple tapes. And from multiple hotels.

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Katie Price Scoring To Become Soccer’s Top WAG

• Buxom British model Katie “Jordan” Price is back on the scene, seeking to shag some soccer superstars.

Katie Price

• MLB instant replay: It shouldn’t be just for home runs anymore.

• SEC college football is coming to a TV set near you. Just try and stop it.

• Part 2 of Adam J’s expose on the Register’s Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa - complete with fun photos of good ol’ Midwestern folk.

• A Mets VP rips into a minor league team, taking off his shirt & calling one of the players a [vulgar term for a specific part of the female anatomy].

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Get Your Popcorn, LeBron Dunk Video Airs Today

Seriously LeBron, if you hadn’t had your Nike stooges confiscate the tapes in the first place, we wouldn’t be here today. TMZ says that it has footage of the now infamous face-dunk that padawan learner Jordan Crawford inflicted on James at summer camp some weeks back, and they’re rolling it out both on their web site and their TV station later today. Hey, not much time for me to organize my LeBron Dunk Party. How am I supposed to make my famous quiche squares and festive sausage balls for 40 people on such short notice?

LeBron James, Jordan Crawford

Charles Latibeaudiere, a co-executive producer at TMZ, was on KLAC radio with JT the Brick today to announce the news, and he sounded quite excited. You may be as well, but I don’t know … it’s not like Crawford did something substantial, like play defense or take a charge. But the sophomore from Xavier is in the limelight once again, thanks to a guy who happened to record the dunk on his cell phone camera. Wonder how much TMZ had to shell out for that? Whatever it was, it probably set a record for most ever paid for a blurry cell phone camera video. Still image from the dunk shown below. Read more…

It Looks Like Ricky Hatton Is Going To Be Alright

As you know by now, the biggest boxing fight of the year ended in total embarrassment the other night for Ricky Hatton, who couldn’t even last six minutes in a ring with Manny Pacquiao. I was in Vegas last week and ran into a number of British fans who had made the trip all the way across the pond to see their boy fight. I’m sure they were really happy with how that turned out.

Ricky Hatton

So, knowing that he had let down thousands of fans who had traveled thousands of miles to see him, not to mention the millions of people back in the U.K., Hatton had to be pretty devastated, right? Well, if by “devastated” you mean hanging out with with his leggy girlfriend the next day at the MGM Grand pool and throwing back a few Guinness like he doesn’t have a care in the world, then I guess he was.

Video link, and photos of the girlfriend, after the jump.

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NutriSystem Spokesman Golic Calls Food “Awful”

If you watch any sports television at all (and if you don’t, how did you end up on this site?) then you’ve seen the NutriSystem commercials featuring a bunch of aging fat sports figures like Dan Marino and Chris Berman (and Larry the Cable Guy?) talking about how it’s OK — and in fact delicious — for dudes to go on a diet.

Mike Golic

One of the most prominent spokesmen for NutriSystem on commercials airing on ESPN is their very own Mike Golic, who claims to have lost 51 pounds. Well, TMZ recently caught up with Golic and his morning co-host Mike Greenberg outside of David Letterman’s studio.

As he was signing a few autographs (yes, people actually gathered on 53rd Street to get their autographs), Golic had a few words about NutriSystem that the company may not be all that pleased with…

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Michael Phelps’ New Mystery Ladyfriend Revealed

The world was abuzz on Thursday when it was first reported by Vegas insider Norm Clarke - who awesomely wears an eye-patch - that Michael Phelps’ new ladyfriend is a 26-year-old cocktail waitress. But we all wanted, nay needed, to know the same thing: What does she look like? Well folks, the wait is over. Here she is, flashing some stone cold street hand signs:

Caz Pal, 1

The girl in question is a Miss CarolineCaz” Pal. She attended Cal State Northridge, works as a cocktail server at the Moon nightclub in the Palms, and, from the looks of things, is trying to get some kind of career in modeling or something. Oh yeah, and her back is totally covered in tattoos.

Photos, obviously, are after the jump.

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Gimpy Brady Caught Going Back To Gisele’s Place

Since being sidelined for the season, many fans want to know how well Tom Brady is recuperating - and more importantly, how Gisele Bundchen feels about her beau’s bum knee.

Tom Brady TMZ

Lucky for us, the ever-vigilant vultures employees of TMZ are there. A courageous cameraman recently caught Tom & Gisele returning to the model’s New York City abode, and tried to get a status update straight from the QB’s mouth.

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