Which Millionaire Never EVER Tips? Tiger Woods!

Move over Scottie Pippen, you’ve got company in the pantheon of great cheapskate athletes. Tiger Woods, a man who will likely be the first athlete to hit $1 billion in earnings within five years, doesn’t ever tip, either.

tiger woods money

(This is Tiger’s money! Not for you!)

According to the NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX MAGAZINE, which has essentially become America’s answer to Britain’s worst tabloid gossip rags, Woods is so notorious for not adding any gratuity that it’s cost him members of his entourage, something which, evidently, doesn’t bother him at all:

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Your Beer Vendor’s a Ramblin’ Man (So Tip Well)

We spoke previously about the freedom of stadium vending that allowed Adam Carter to run his own charitable enterprises, but the stadium vendor’s life can also lead to a hobo-esque romance with the road. A small but dedicated group of vendors travel the country, working a dozen or more parks in a baseball season just for the opportunity to see America.

(On the other hand, pairing up to travel with other vendors can be awkward…)

Of course, that practice may have to end if concession sales taper off or travel expenses continue to climb, but the savvy vendor still manages to work the Super Bowl in Miami and then be in L.A. for the Grammys the next week, as one vendor did. (We weren’t aware of the beer vendor need at the award shows. Where does Stockard Channing keep her cash in that dress?)
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