SF Runner Punished For Not Being Among ‘Elite’

There are certain truisms in life no one can dispute: The world is round. Orange juice has vitamin C. Scientologists are a little off, at best. But now, after San Francisco and their San Francisco Values decided to soil the racing world with their dirty little hands - from riding that disgusting public transportation, no doubt - there’s one less truism in the world: The fastest person does not always win the race.

Arien O'Connell

Arien O’Connell is the unlucky person to realize that time no longer exists. Despite running the entire course of the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco quicker than any other woman in the race, she was left off the awards platform because she wasn’t part of the “elite” group of runners that were given a 20-minute head start, you know, to keep them away from the rest of the riff-raff.

San Francisco elitists!

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