HS Track Coach Jumps Out Window In Beer Bust

What kind of a sports day would it be if we didn’t hear about yet another irresponsible adult involved in shenanigans with underage athletes? But Tim Vinciullo’s story isn’t as shocking as a football coach’s wife sexing up 12-year-old players or a dad inviting cheerleaders to drink & dance on a stripper pole in his basement. However, it still is plenty amusing.

Calvin & Hobbes window jump

The 48-year-old Vinciullo is a volunteer assistant with the Hudson High School track team in Massachusetts, where his wife Kathy serves as boys’ cross country coach and his 17-year-old son Brian is a runner. Last Friday night, police made a visit on the Vinciullo household, where they found Brian & five of his friends engaged in some underage drinking.

And when faced with a confrontation with the cops, Tim did what any track coach would do - he jumped out a rear window and made a run for it.

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