Olbermann Won’t Quit if Passed for Russert’s Job

Since the unexpected passing of Tim Russert last Friday, NBC has been faced with the difficult decision of finding a new host for “Meet The Press”. For this Sunday, Brian Williams will serve as temporary moderator - then other NBC, MSNBC & CNBC personalities will sub in for future shows.

Tim Russert Keith Olbermann

One member of this morbid musical chairs is Keith Olbermann. (Sure, he may be into the politico thing over at MSNBC, but will always fondly remember him for his days with Dan Patrick on “SportsCenter“.) In fact - at least according to the NEW YORK POST’S PAGE SIX - Olbermann wants Russert’s job so bad that he’s ready to quit if he doesn’t get it.

And Olbermann’s cable cohort Chris Matthews is also vying for the spot. The Post additionally reports that at memorial service for Russert on Wednesday, Matthews was overheard plotting strategy to take Tim’s place.

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Blog Jam: Bills Working On Remembering Russert

• INSIDE THE BILLS finds the Buffalo NFL team trying to figure out how to properly pay respects to the late Tim Russert.

Tim Russert bobblehead

• WITH LEATHER gets a kick out of this kid’s kickboxing knockout.

• GOING FIVE HOLE cools off by writing about ice hockey in the Middle East.

• BIG LEAGUE STEW gets their feathers ruffled, as angry Mets fans plan on sending owner Fred Wilpon some chickens.

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Blog-O-Rama: Pryor’s Shorts Lit Up By Buckeyes

• THE CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER wonders are those reflectors in Terrelle Pryor’s shorts, or is he just glad to see us?

Terrelle Pryor putting reflectors in shorts

• THE SCORES REPORT is hip-notized by this girl shaking her money maker while working the Wii Fit. (Bonus: She’ll be doing it again on MTV Tuesday.)

Darren Rovell of CNBC saw signs that the NBA wanted the Lakers & Celtics to go to a Game 6 - signs in the rolling ads at Staples Center court.

• DEADSPIN remembers the fine acting abilities of Tim Russert, as the late NBC politico tries to score some Boston College tickets.

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Russert Remembered As Die-Hard Buffalo Bills Fan

Shocking to hear that Tim Russert died on Friday, apparently collapsing from a heart attack while doing voiceovers for Sunday’s “Meet The Press”.

Tim Russert

In addition to being a political analyst, NBC bureau chief & board member of the Baseball Hall of Fame, Russert was also a big Buffalo Bills fan.

And USA TODAY’s GAME ON pays tribute to the late Bills backer by re-telling a college speech Tim gave on supporting his favorite NFL team through thick & thin. Read more…