Source: Chesney ‘Lobbying’ For 2011 Super Bowl

UPDATE (6:50p ET): Turns out Chesney said last Friday that he wanted the gig.

Speculation is already heating up in the music industry about who will be the 2011 Super Bowl halftime musical act at Cowboys Stadium in Dallas.

Kenny Chesney and Peyton Manning Chesney Frontrunner For 2011 Super Bowl Halftime?

(Chesney is friends with Peyton Manning)

Before I get to the candidates, let me clarify exactly who will make the call on the halftime show: Charles Coplin, Vice President of Programming for the NFL and Lawrence Randall, the NFL’s director of programming. (Believe it or not, 2011 Super Bowl host Jerry Jones will have very little influence on who gets the gig.)

Coplin talked about the Super Bowl halftime show to Reuters last week, including his criteria for selecting the act:

“We stay away from overexposed acts. When was the last time you saw the Who on TV? We like acts whose songs are very familiar to people of all ages, all demographics.

“There are other acts who do wonderful things and their music is tremendous, but it’s not always as anthemic and explosive, and when you’re doing something like the Super Bowl, those two words are really vital parts of making a show come to life.”

So who will be privileged the gig at Cowboys Stadium? My source said it’s a virtual lock that the NFL will go country for the big game in Dallas next February. To the end, I was also provided the five most likely candidates.

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Speed Read: Is This Good Enough, Boston Fans?

Cheer up, Boston sports fans. Sure, the Red Sox might have brought you to the brink of exaltation only to send you crashing to the ground like to some junkie with a packet of methadone, but at least the Patriots have kept your hopes adrift for another week with their 41-7 win over the Denver Broncos on Monday night.

Randy Moss

Sure, this might have been a performance against the same team that lost to the putrid Kansas City Chiefs, but it’s something to be proud of, right?  Rodney Harrison might have blown his knee out, a crippling blow to a depleted Patriots secondary, but come on…: did you see Matt Cassel? He’s the second coming of Tom Brady, the wa y he hooked up with Randy Moss. Right? Right???

New 49ers Coach Mike Singletary

New England fans, I’ll let you slepp on your false sense of security for now. At least ou aren’t 49ers fans, who have seen their team go from playoff contenders to also-rans in the course of a few short weeks. Which means that head coach Mike Nolan is gone, replaced by Mike Singletary, who will at least kill his team with his eyes. The eyes, the eyes, oh Lord the eyes!

Here’s what else happened last night while you were out raging against the machine with Tim McGraw:

Gina Carano

How many wins will the Patriots end up with?

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