Cleveland Browns Run Out Of Players To Honor

Wherever your fan allegiances lie, it’s hard not to feel bad for Cleveland Browns fans. It’s bad enough that their city has been in decline for decades, but no fan base deserves to have their team yanked out of town, especially when said team ends up spurning you for Baltimore. Sure, Cleveland ended up getting the Browns back (sort of), but the last 10 years have been a near-constant kick to the nuts for fans of the brown & orange.

Brady Quinn Cleveland Browns Blizzard

(Hall of Famer…by default?)

One constant that Browns fans have always been able to cling to throughout all the Tim Couches and Butch Davises has been the past. The Browns had an illustrious history up through the 1980s, and to the team’s credit, they created a team Hall of Fame to recognize the team’s glory days and distract fans from the crapfest on the field. Well, they had a team Hall of Fame, anyways: the team has decided to put the “Browns Legends” on hiatus for at least this year. Classy move, Cleveland.

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Brian Griese Once Had Highest Salary In NFL? Yep

USA TODAY has posted the 2008 salaries of NFL players. More interesting is you can rifle through a similar database going back to 2000, and see some of the crazy numbers pulled down by guys like Brian Griese.

NFL Single Season Salaries

Griese led the NFL in 2001 with a $15M+ salary, with Tim Couch somehow checking in at $12.9M. Now that’s good agenting!