$3.8M Of Stimulus Bill To Save OLD Tiger Stadium

Just when you thought the forthcoming goverment economic stimulus seems to be above the board, digging into the funds finds a pretty ridiculous earmark. According to the Detroit development blog MODEL D, a full $3.8 million in the congressional spending bill will go directly to the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy, a group dedicated entirely to making sure they don’t tear down Tiger Stadium, even though it’s not used as a stadium.

old tiger stadium again

($4M of your tax dollars to preserve this. What about Shea Stadium?)

There’s a raging debate about whether part of the government’s massive economic stimulus package should be used to help save stadium projects aimed at giving teams a new home. The theory is that those construction projects will provide good jobs and resuscitate business in oft underused areas. All of that’s valid for stadiums that will be built. But this is a money for a stadium that’s already been built, and left, by its team. And that team isn’t coming back any time soon.

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Tiger Stadium Finally Coming Down? Probably.

After years of wrangling with local preservation groups and other distracting matters, the city of Detroit has awarded a demolition contract for the final knee-whacking of Tiger Stadium. The city will pay nothing for the service; selling off the scrap from the neglected ol’ girl will raise over a million dollars for the firm awarded the contract. (We expect more auctions.)

Tiger Stadium

The preservation groups continue to fight to save some piece of the ballpark, whether it be a corner or a grandstand or one of Ernie Harwell’s laminated scorecards. However, they don’t seem to have the money to make it happen, so let the mixed-use development begin!

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ESPN Reporter Rob Stone Keeps Heather Mitts And Julie Foudy Company

• AWFUL ANNOUNCING knows Rob Stone would’ve preferred to spend his Friday in Troy, Alabama - but someone needed to keep Heather Mitts and Julie Foudy company:

Rob Stone Heather Mitts Julie Foudy ESPN

• David Letterman pauses with this reflection about the late Yankees broadcaster: “During Phil Rizzuto’s funeral, the hearse left early to beat traffic.”• THE ANGRY T airs out their tuxedo, as they dole out their Sports Emmys.

• BIG TEN TAILGATE can’t wait to get going, as they bid on a urinal fresh from Tiger Stadium:

Tiger Stadium Urinal

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