Buy Good Seats, Take A NJ Net Home For A Day

Yes, now you too can bring home Devon Harris here, or any of the New Jersey Nets, for your child’s birthday party or Bar Mitzvah. All one has to do is fork over $25,000 for four of the team’s best courtside seats for 10 games, and the Net of your choice can be yours.

Devon Harris at birthday party

Hey, it’s a tough economy, and the team is doing what it can to move tickets. But you heard it right: Pay the 25 grand, and that includes seats, parking, access to a private lounge at the Izod Center, free food and beverage, and a NJ Net at your office Christmas party. Wait … Yi Jianlian is my Secret Santa? Read more…

New Yankee Stad. Seats Average $237 Per Game

Thanks to THE BIZ OF BASEBALL, we finally have a great, comprehensive breakdown of all the tickets at the new Yankee Stadium and just how much each seat will cost its buyer, and the stats are positively startling. Yet the scary thing isn’t just the high-end cost for seats behind home plate — $2,625 per game, by far an MLB record — it’s also the overall average per seat price, breaking down to a whopping $237 per seat for the upcoming season. Needless to say, that’s the most in that category, too.

new yankee stadium diagram

(Plenty of seats still available … for $2G!)

Need more proof? Just check out the price for seats in the Legends section, a second tier area (Sections 11-29) where tickets range from $525 (and there’s only a couple that cheap) to a $2,625 that’s just as expensive as home plate. In fact, the only way to get the average ticket price at the new Stadium below $200 is to exclude all the suite seats entirely, which are precisely one of the primary reasons the team was building this stadium in the first place; to charge more for corporate suites so tickets wouldn’t be more expensive in other parts of the park. Guess that didn’t happen.

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Cards Trying To Keep Cowboys Fans Out of Home

The Arizona Cardinals are a perennial sexy sleeper pick for NFL fans of wagering on the over/under of total games won, while at the same time remaining a bastion of mediocrity with which the city of Cleveland can follow. (Just kidding, Cleveland, you’re swell.) Given all that preseason hype, combined with that needy desperation and Ken Wisenhunt’s actual ability to turn the team around, it seems odd that they aren’t selling all of their season tickets.

Cowboys Fans

But they’re not. And that leaves a giant void in sales that is being crept on by Dallas Cowboys fans, who are trying to procure entry for the October 12th regular season ‘Boys-’Saw matchup. But, as YAHOO! SPORTS reports, the Cardinals are instituting measures for controlling the population of Texans inside the Pink Taco.

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WKU Players Going Door To Door To Sell Tickets

Magazine subscriptions, candy, Girl Scout cookies. These are several things that someone might attempt to sell to you by going door to door. However, in the world of Division I-AA football (or, if you must, the Football Championship Subdivision), college football season tickets are a possibility, particularly if you happen to be in a neighborhood near Western Kentucky University.

WKU Football Fans

No word if mascot Big Red will come along to hawk stubs with the team next Tuesday and Thursday.

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