New Yankee Stad. Seats Average $237 Per Game

Thanks to THE BIZ OF BASEBALL, we finally have a great, comprehensive breakdown of all the tickets at the new Yankee Stadium and just how much each seat will cost its buyer, and the stats are positively startling. Yet the scary thing isn’t just the high-end cost for seats behind home plate — $2,625 per game, by far an MLB record — it’s also the overall average per seat price, breaking down to a whopping $237 per seat for the upcoming season. Needless to say, that’s the most in that category, too.

new yankee stadium diagram

(Plenty of seats still available … for $2G!)

Need more proof? Just check out the price for seats in the Legends section, a second tier area (Sections 11-29) where tickets range from $525 (and there’s only a couple that cheap) to a $2,625 that’s just as expensive as home plate. In fact, the only way to get the average ticket price at the new Stadium below $200 is to exclude all the suite seats entirely, which are precisely one of the primary reasons the team was building this stadium in the first place; to charge more for corporate suites so tickets wouldn’t be more expensive in other parts of the park. Guess that didn’t happen.

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Orange Bowl Tix Now Cost Less Than A Shamwow

Looking for good seats to a BCS bowl game? Do you have loose change scattered around the house? Then you’re in luck. We all know that most bowl games will see a bit of a dip in attendance this year due to the rough economy, but things are bordering on ridiculous.

Dolphins Stadium

(Luckily, Dolphins Stadium is used to holding sparsely-attended events)

As of last night, Orange Bowl tickets were going on StubHub for as little as $1. The prices have gone up since then, but there are hundreds of seats that can be had for anywhere from $3.25 to $20. It probably doesn’t help that the Virginia Tech-Cincinnati matchup is less desirable than the freaking Poinsettia Bowl. So much for New Year’s Day prestige. More good deals after the jump:

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NHL Tickets … For 14 Installments of 10 Bucks

If you needed any more proof that the economic downturn is starting to seep into sports, here it is: The Columbus Blue Jackets, who happen to not be one of the professional hockey teams on the verge of bankruptcy (see under: Coyotes, Phoenix) are offering a payment “installment” plan to help fans pay for seats at upcoming games. As the unpronounceable yet terrific Greg Wyshynski writes in YAHOO’s PUCK DADDY blog — which may soon double as the “sad economic news in sports blog” — this just can’t be a good sign.

blue jackets fans

(Blue Jackets vs. Predators. Actual attendance: 2)

According to the team’s web site, the “payment plan” starts on Dec. 29th after paying the initial $10 when the seats are purchased. And what do you get for your 150 clams? Tickets to three weekend games … in the upper bowl. Lower bowl seats are twice the price. Ouch.

That’s right, it takes installments of $20 just to see a hockey game in Ohio in decent seats. Sure, the Blue Jackets may be paying steep rent for their downtown Nationwide Arena, but there has to be a better way to get people in the door to some of the most attractive games on the schedule (they can’t sell weekend tickets? Really?) than installment plans of $10-20, right? Evidently not.

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Rays: Want Tickets? Then Give Us All Your Money

Finally realizing that there was actual demand to go to a baseball game in St. Petersburg, the Rays have uncovered the seats in the upper deck and made them available for Games 6 and 7 of the ALCS. Last night, the announced attendance at the Trop improved by nearly 6,000 over the previous “sell-out” capacity of 35,000.

Rays fans

(These people had never even heard of baseball until two weeks ago)

In the interest of fairness and accessibility for all fans, the tickets were distributed via a lottery system. Unless, of course, you could come up with a truckload of money to give the team. Then they’ll have no problem letting you bypass that whole lottery nonsense.

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Bobcats Owner Not Really Into Whole NBA Thing

It’s a pretty safe bet that if you make Mark Cuban look like the most refined and respected franchise owner in the room, you are probably not the shining beacon of NBA ownership.  Speaking on CNBC’s Squawk on the Street (link is to video) in an interview intended to be about the league’s 9% labor reduction, Charlotte Bobcats owner Bob Johnson set a new record for feet in his mouth.

Bob Johnson

Johnson, who made his fortune primarily as the founder of Black Entertainment Television, opened the segment by making a joke about his team not being good, which is actually true, but certainly not confidence-inspiring coming from the owner.  Later in the segment, when asked what he was doing about ticket prices in the NBA, a question Cuban answered directly, Johnson had this to say (after the jump): Read more…

Bosox Exec: No ‘Stratospheric’ Yankee Tix Prices

How much are tickets going to cost at the new Yankee Stadium next season? So much that even Red Sox President Larry Lucchino thinks they’re ridiculous. If you want the best seats in the house, you’ll be paying a face value of $2,500 even for a mid-week snoozer against the Orioles.

Yogi Berra with no undershirt

(Now Yanks can afford undershirt for Yogi?)

The warm fuzzies of last night’s celebration at the stadium have given way today to speculation about what the new park will bring to the table — and how much richer baseball’s Goliath will get going forward. Lucchino has his worries, especially facing an economic downturn. And he’s in charge of the second richest team in baseball. What is everyone else thinking?

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It’s Only $95 To Watch Zero-Sum Huskers Football

So, let’s just get one thing out of the way. College football scrimmages are a waste of time. There it is. I’m sure there’s some degree of comfort fans might get by seeing their favorite collegiate athletes wear colored helmets and block and tackle some … well, other players on the same team, since there is about a seven-month buffer zone between the end of one season and the start of the next one. (Eight if your team is bad.)

Nebraska Cornhusker spring game is $95

But is the same amount of solace taken by the fact that, if you’re a Nebraska Cornhuskers fan, and you want to see Bo Pelini “coach” his first NU game since being named head dog this weekend, is it comforting to know you might be paying upwards of 95 bucks? Read more…