Thunder Collins’ Saga Ends In Murder Conviction

College football fanatics likely remember the name Thunder Collins: aside from being a tailback in the twilight years of Nebraska’s heyday (as they’ve basically all been since Tom Osborne retired), Thunder Collins was also a man named freaking Thunder Collins and that’s awesome. When we first heard from him lately, he was dead; that condition was later upgraded to “alive and unharmed.”

Thunder Collins Myspace Page Photos
(Oh, Thunder…)

That was all part of a homicide in Omaha last year, one that Collins just so happened to be at the scene of, as he told reporters. Comes now that the reason Collins was unharmed was because he was evidently on the other end of the violence. Thus, Collins has been convicted of first degree murder.

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Oregon St. Topples Top-Ranked Trojans Yet Again

• Leave it to the Beavers: Once again, Oregon State shocks highly-ranked USC in Corvallis.

Oregon State USC

This is becoming quite a trend.

• But such a monumental upset is no comfort to OSU alum Steven Jackson, as the Rams RB is too busy lashing out at coach Scott Linehan.

Pat Summitt may be basketball’s all-time winningest coach, but the Lady Vols leader is no match when it comes to rasslin’ with raccoons.

• How melancholy is the Mariners’ clubhouse? One teammate of Ichiro openly talked about wanting to knock the Seattle star slugger out.

• Despite the Colts’ 1-2 record, Tony Dungy must still be pretty popular in Indianapolis - why else would someone return a credit card the coach left at a gas station?

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Myspace is a Place For Friends, Murder Suspects

After a confusing conflagration of events surrounding a tragic death earlier this week in Omaha, former Nebraska running back Thunder Collins has now officially been charged with murder.

Thunder Collins Myspace Page

Steve Cofield of Yahoo Sports tipped me off to Collins’ Myspace page, and I’m happy to report that despite Collins’ being hauled into court this morning and jailed shortly thereafter, he’s somehow “Online Now!” on the page (as of 2:20p ET). Yeah, I know it might not be him, but I’m holding out hope that Myspace is now available at all Douglas County correctional facilities.  That should be fine for the inmates, so long as they keep filtering that disgusting SI porno.

I’ve spent all week reading about how Collins’ friends say he would never, ever be involved in murderous activities. And after looking through his somehow-public Myspace page (and fun photos after the jump), I’m now more than ever convinced that Collins is completely innocent of all charges. And future ones too. Read more…

Lisa Guerrero: Off The Air & On The Blogosphere

Lisa Guerrero - from primetime sidelines to blogging for the L.A. Times.

Lisa Guerrero MNF bra

• Bet the Philadelphia Police Bomb Squad feels like a bunch of wieners for blowing up a box of the Phillie Phanatic’s hot dogs.

• Ex-Nebraska RB Thunder Collins heals wounded Huskers’ hearts by saying he’s didn’t die in an apparent drug deal gone wrong.

Plaxico Burress’ two-week timeout could be explained by troubles at home.

• Remember all that money T. Boone Pickens gave to Oklahoma State to build up the Cowboys’ athletic facilities? Well, he might want some of that back.

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Ex-Husker Told Reporter He Was At Crime Scene

The saga of ex-Nebraska running back Thunder Collins is getting stranger as more details emerge. As has been widely reported, Collins was one of three men charged in Omaha with the murder of 38-year-old Timothy Thomas and the attempted murder of a 26-year-old man who was found in critical condition in a motel on the other side of town.

Thunder Collins

Police are now saying that the shootings are the result of a drug deal gone bad, or, rather, a drug deal in which the assailants never intended to pay. It’s not yet known how Collins is linked to the other two suspects. The victims were both from suburban Los Angeles. It’s also unknown why they happened to be in Omaha. And making this more bizarre, it was originally rumored that Collins was the victim of the shooting, and he had to confirm to a local television station that he was actually alive. He didn’t mention at the time that he was the one doing the shooting (allegedly).

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