LA Mayor Proposes Big Bet on Lakers-Celts Series

A fine tradition of any sports championship series is the friendly wagers between the mayors of the competing cities. And the NBA Finals match-up between the Lakers and Celtics is no different.

Except this time, there will be no friendly swap of regional foodstuffs. No clam chowder vs. Fatburger bets here.

Clam chowder Fatburger

(Sorry - no dice)

Adam Rose of the L.A. TIMES was rummaging through the garbage outside City Hall looking for an evening meal (recent paycuts have been pretty brutal at the Times - damn you, sports blogs!), when he came across a copy of a letter not-so-fresh off the desk of mayor Antonio Villaraigosa.

The letter was addressed to Boston mayor Thomas Menino, and it outlined Antonio’s proposal for a high-rolling wager between the two civic servants:

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Boston Mayor Really Into This Celts’ Playoff Thing

It looks like the city of Boston is really getting into the thing we like to call the Celtics.

Paul Pierce Thomas M. Menino Gang Sign

So much so that WEEI-AM has a photo of Boston Mayor Thomas Menino (apparently) showing his support for Paul Pierce by making the same gang sign that Pierce denied he made during the Celts’ series with the Hawks (and was fined $50K for by the NBA).

The radio station also has a pic of another of Boston’s favorite drunks sons, Tommy Heinsohn, making a similar hand gesture.

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Boston Mayor Menino Trips Falls During World Series Trophy Ceremony

CAN YOU PLEASE SKIP THE 6-MARTINI LUNCH JUST 1 DAY?: The BOSTON GLOBE has lots and lots and LOTS of details on the glorious World Series celebration in Boston today, which of course included the honorable mayor of Beantown, Thomas Menino.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino

We’re happy to report the Honorable Mayor Menino handled the trophy presentation to the city of Boston with grace and aplomb, except when he tripped over the trophy, fell down the stairs and required medical attention.