Harlem Globetrotters About To Play Roof-ketball

Remember that idiot cousin of yours, the one who flunked out of trade school? Remember when you were growing up and you first realized what an idiot he was? It was when he tried to jump off the garage and dunk a basketball, then ended up breaking his ankle, wasn’t it? Plus he totally whiffed on the dunk.

(Photoshop, like story leak, courtesy of THE 700 LEVEL. I know, I thought it was a real picture too.)

But it turns out that your idiot cousin merely expressing something simple: basketball + roof = exciting! And to that end, according to THE 700 LEVEL, the Harlem Globetrotters will be playing a basketball game from the roof of the Wachovia Spectrum in Philadelphia on March 3. Yes, the very same Spectrum that’s going to be torn down later this spring. Hey, just be thankful Oliver Miller’s not with them anymore, or that demolition would be starting midway through the first quarter.

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