Juventus Employee Steals, Sells 2,000+ Jerseys

Look, we know that caretakers/groundskeepers of major soccer clubs don’t make the wages of the famous players that surround them. It’s understandable that they’d want to make a little extra cash on the side, whether by leaking rumors to press officials or peddling used jerseys that are essentially throw-aways when players dump them after practice. Yet, stealing more than 2,000 exclusive training jerseys seems a bit over the line, doesn’t it?

juventus theft roberto olivo 1
(The pony tail should have given the criminal away, no?)

Someone tell that to Juventus (Italy) chief caretaker (equipment manager) Roberto Olivo, who, according to the DAILY MAIL (which also found the photos you see above and after the jump), was caught lifting hundreds and stuffing them into trash bags on a hidden camera set up by team staff. After his arrest, Olivo was found with 700 of the team’s 2009 training jerseys in his van, which he planned to drive to Spain, where he was going to sell those 700 plus another 400 more he’d been storing at his apartment. That’s right, not only was Olivo stealing bagfuls of jerseys from his employer, he’d figured out exactly which country would pay the most for the goods because of extensive experience peddling player-worn shirts in the past.

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Gina Carano Fights For Her Right To Parrrtaaaay!

Gina Carano wrestles with fellow MMA fighter Tonya Evinger - in a match made more fitting for late night Cinemax than primetime CBS.

Gina Carano Party Photos Tonya Evinger

• Speaking of bedside manners, a college b-baller’s caper of stealing condoms from Wal-Mart is finished prematurely.

• Retired NFL veterans are in the money, as they’re finally getting some of that sweet scratch long overdue from EA Sports.

• Do we know who won this year’s World Series of Poker? You bet!

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College Baller’s Condom Theft Goes Wildly Wrong

You must feel sorry for Malik Alvin and his generously sized mancannon.

Malik Alvin Trojan Condom Stealer


At tiny Binghamton University, the school housing authority tries to meet its students’ contraceptual needs, offering condoms for free, but clearly their selection just couldn’t quite measure up. We struggle to think of any other reason why Alvin, a junior guard from Philadelphia via UTEP and Chipola JC, would try to steal a box of Trojan Magnums (Magnums, people; he’s either having sex or wrapping up parking meters) from a local Wal-Mart. Security there noticed Alvin enter a restroom carrying two boxes of the jimmy hats and leave with none, but the real fun began when they approached him and Alvin fled.

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