Philadelphia 76ers Like Porn Stars With Big Jugs

Here’s some screen caps that were emailed to me a while back. They’re from the waning moments of Orlando’s 106-100 win over the Sixers at the Wachovia (What the hell is it now?) Center on Feb. 28.

Mary Carey Sixers

Yeah, it was a tough night for 76er Theo Ratliff that evening (0 points), but at least he was heartened by a possible postgame rendezvous at Bookbinders down on Walnut?

Mary Carey Sixers

Or was that a late check-in at the PHL Airport Sheraton?

I haven’t posted the screen grabs until now, as I was searching out the possible identity of the large-lunged lovely who caught Ratliff’s attention.

Her identity and more pics after the jump.

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