Steal From Tom Brady, And It May Come To This

Meet Dennis Pavia, an ex-con who just had brain surgery and says he can’t work. Recently he was caught taking two planter boxes from the back of Tom Brady’s Boston condominium, and now has to panhandle to make the $4,000 restitution. Buddy, can you spare a dime for Tom Brady?

Dennis Pavia

Everyone involved pretty much agrees that the whole thing was a mistake — Pavia says the planters were right next to the trash, and he sold them to a recycling center. But he was caught on video surveillance, admitted to theft as part of a plea deal, and a Boston Municipal Court judge ordered him to pay restitution. Meanwhile, Brady, who will make $30 million this year in salary and endorsements, according to the BOSTON HERALD, was taking wife Gisele Bundchen and son Jack to Disneyland. Read more…

Klepto Canadien Cuffed For Poaching Purse At Bar

Two Montreal Canadiens were arrested outside a Tampa nightclub early Monday morning - all because of a stolen purse.

Canadiens purse snatching theft

The CBC reports that Ryan O’Byrne was charged with grand theft, while teammate Tom Kostopoulos was charged with resisting an officer. It all started when a woman at the Whiskey Park bar told security her purse was missing. The bar’s bouncers apparently saw O’Byrne outside the bar with the purse and the woman’s cellphone.

Police soon arrived to question the hockey player about the purse. And he gave quite an unconvincing answer.

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Police Warn Fans Not To Steal Orange Bowl Stuff

ORANGE BOWL LOSING FIXTURES BEFORE MIAMI FINALE: Miami will host its last-ever game at the Orange Bowl on November 10. By then, there might not be any seats left:

Miami Orange Bowl

WPLG-TV warns fans from getting too greedy about grabbing some souvenirs from the old stadium, or else they’ll grab themselves some jail time.But being Hurricanes fans, they should already be very knowledgeable about the Dade County criminal system.

Miami Police say they’ll have extra officers on hand for the home finale against Virginia. The cops will also be working with a security company that’s dealt with historic closings before, such as for Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium.

Miami Hurricanes Ibis mascot carry

(A lucky ‘Canes fan taking home a souvenir)

Some spectators have already gotten a head start. Lt. Bill Schwartz said they’ve previously stopped people trying to exit with signs and seats: “We haven’t arrested them. We’ve given them warnings. But at this point forward, we’re going to have to get more strict on this.”And the ‘Canes farewell won’t even be the last time football is played in the Orange Bowl. Florida International will play 3 more games at the O.B. afterwards, while their own campus stadium is being rebuilt. So, the real last time will be FIU against North Texas on December 1.

Then, who gets claim over the remaining Orange Bowl mementos - Miami or FIU?

Miami FIU fight

Let ‘em fight for it.