MTV’s “The Real World” Invades Capitals’ Practice

The Washington Capitals, despite not even making the Stanley Cup finals last season, are probably one of the two or three “hottest” teams in the NHL. And hey, with a player like Alex Ovechkin leading the charge, why not? The Caps don’t have the tradition of the Original Six by any stretch, but they’ve assimilated themselves into the current NHL about as well as any expansion team from the last 35 years.

Ty Capitals Real World
(Let’s just get this over with, pal.)

Case in point: even MTV’s getting in on the Caps’ high Q rating. To that end, the cast of The Real World, which is a much better name for a show than Hysterical Self-Centered Alcoholics On Camera, now includes an intern with the team. And oh yes, there’s plenty of bleeding through between the two. Did we say bleeding? We mean synergy!

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