Video: Cal-Stanford Finish For KY High Schools

Friday Louisville-area high schools Butler and Pleasure Ridge Park played to a finish reminiscent of what some think is the most famous football play of all time.

Butler Miracle Comeback On Kickoff Against Pleasure Ridge

(Top: Pleasure Ridge coach, players thought ref whistled Butler player down)

Using a series of laterals much like California did to defeat Stanford on the final play of the game in 1982, Butler somehow scored as time expired in its game against Pleasure Ridge Park.

Remember the Stanford “band on the field” as the Cardinal yielded the game-winner to its PAC-10 rival? Friday’s Kentucky high school game finish had the same feel as Pleasure Ridge Park players left the bench  during Butler’s game-winning play - thinking they had already won the game.

But even after scoring with no time left, Butler actually did the Cal Bears one better. Read more…

25 Year Anniversary of Cal Pulling off The Play Against Stanford

25 YEARS PASSED SINCE THE BAND WAS OUT ON THE FIELD: It was 25 years ago today, Cal shocked Stanford & the college football world with the “The Play”:

(Final Minute of 1982 Cal-Stanford Game)

What many fans overlook is that even before the crazy kickoff return, Stanford was down 19-17 at their own 13 with 53 seconds remaining.However, John Elway was able to complete a 4th-and-17 pass, and drove the Cardinal down the field, as Mark Harmon nailed a 35-yard field goal with 4 seconds left.

The video clip above shows the final minute of the game, including Elway’s near-heroics, Kevin Moen’s actual heroics, and the Stanford band’s comic relief.