Bad Idea: Dap From Masters Golfer Dude In a Tie

PGA Tour golfer Ryan Moore wore a tie during his four rounds last weekend at Augusta, which was almost as painfully funny as this video of Moore during his final round.

Ryan Moore Leaves Caddy Hanging After Hole In One

(Turn up the sound)

After Moore scored a hole-in-one on #16, Lucas Glover’s caddy Don Cooper immediately clamored for some dap. (Paging Aisle 1 .. Bad Idea Dept.)

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Tabs: Stay In Remission Til Amy Is Cancer-Free

Let’s take a look at what was really on the mind of all you golf fans after Phil Mickelson’s dramatic Masters win yesterday:

Amy Mickelson Michael Jordan Google Searches

First time I’ve ever cheered a Chechnyan hacker’s trap for an unsuspecting Googler.

In case you’re wondering, Amy Mickelson is way ahead of you on this one. golf writer Steve Elling broached the subject with Amy in May, 2009:  Read more…

Mickelson Roar Recorded: “A Win For The Family”

Jim Nantz of CBS with the call of his career as Phil Mickelson holed out to win The Masters - with the golfer’s cancer-stricken wife Amy looking on with their children from the gallery.

Phil and Amy Mickelson as he wins 2010 Masters

Funny how things work out sometimes.

Video: Tiger’s First Audible Curse At The Masters

The inevitable first audible curse from Tiger Woods in his golf comeback came at the teebox of Augusta National’s par 3, 6th hole on Saturday.

Tiger Woods Curses At The Masters

(Got his money’s worth)

Woods loudly let go with, “Tiger Woods you suck! God … dammit.

Announcer Verne Lunquist then said,  “I don’t think he’s pleased.

In an amusing coincidence, CBS announcers Jim Nantz and Nick Faldo had a prescheduled, live shot from Butler Cabin air immediately after the off color comments by Woods were heard on the network.

Nantz quickly noted the expletive by Woods and eventually addressed it with Faldo. Some might say that it was admirable and perhaps even courageous for Nantz to recognized the poor decorum by Woods. But Nantz’s candor and tone is probably more a result of Augusta National Chairman Billy Payne’s on-record disdain for Woods this week than an independent opinion or judgement from the broadcaster.

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Video: Tiger No Longer Biggest Dog In Augusta

Masters second-round leader Ian Poulter posted some awesome video on his drive into Augusta National Golf Club today:

Ian Poulter Video From Augusta Of Enormous Dog

Shown is an enormous dog riding in the passenger seat of a corvette next to Poulter’s car. Poulter also provides some commentary.

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New, Stark Example Of How Tiger Pulled It Off

Today we got another glimpse into why Tiger Woods was able to fool so many people for so damn long. And it had nothing to do with what Tiger himself said at his press conference at The Masters.

Tiger Woods and Art Spander

This question, from longtime San Francisco-area golf reporter Art Spander, was much more telling about why Tiger was able to carry on multiple extramarital affairs while on Tour:

You (Tiger) and the rest of us discovered a lot of media we didn’t know existed until the accident. I just wondered your response to the mainstream media, which was a lot more critical, obviously, than it had been; were you surprised, or did you sort of expect that?

Tiger’s response is irrelevant.

What matters is the mindset of Spander, who has been covering golf for decades and is among the closest media members to Tiger. I myself have worked Tiger Woods press conferences while sitting in the front row of media rooms next to Spander, including at The Memorial in Ohio and past Tiger Target/Chevron Challenge events.

What’s clearly, completely lost on Spander is the media he was mocking in his question to Tiger is the sole reason the golfer has changed his life - for the better! (At least if you believe Tiger.)

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Tiger Summons Personal Coach Haney To Orlando

This afternoon at the Newport Beach (CA) Country Club, Tiger Woods swing coach Hank Haney is playing in the Toshiba Classic Pro-Am in a foursome with Ray Romano, Mark O’Meara and Toshiba President and CEO Mark Simons.

Hank Haney is going to Orlando to coach Tiger Woods

The Golf Channel will be in tow, taping for a future episode of Haney’s new reality show with Romano called The Haney Project: Ray Romano. Read more…

Late Masters Entry Rule to Provide Tiger Surprise?

The ASSOCIATED PRESS slips in an interesting note about The Masters today that could aid in the return of Tiger Woods.

Snow at Augusta National less than two months before The Masters

Players typically have until 5 p.m. Friday the week before a tournament to commit to playing. In the U.S. Open and British Open, they must submit an entry form.

The Masters is by invitation and has no such rules. So if Tiger Woods decides to play the first major of the year, he only needs to show up before his tee time on Thursday.

Masters spokesman Steve Ethun said when Woods announced his indefinite break from golf on Dec. 11, Woods’ spokesman Glenn Greenspan (who previously had Ethun’s job) said he would keep Augusta National apprised.

The Masters sent Woods an invite in December and Masters spokesman Ethun was asked recently what Woods’ status for the tournament was. Read more…

Sad Day As Harry Kalas, Mark Fidrych Pass Away

• Another sad day for MLB fans. Legendary Phillies announcer Harry Kalas dies after collapsing in the broadcast booth before a game vs. the Nats.

Harry Kalas Mark Fidrych

And former Tigers pitcher Mark “The Bird” Fidrych dies while working underneath his pickup truck at his Massachusetts home.

Brian Bosworth: From Hollywood Harley DUI laughingstock, to home state hero after saving man’s life by performing CPR.

• Another dead goat is found hanging outside Wrigley Field. If it didn’t work in 2007, why would it work now?

Smokin’ Joe Frazier says God gave Muhammad Ali Parkinson’s disease.

• Masters winner Angel Cabrera owes his success to chewing gum.

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Cabrera Wins God-Awful Playoff For Green Jacket

Strike up a cheer for no-necked, chain-smoking, obese athletes everywhere. After a scintillating first few hours that saw Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson rocket into contention, Kenny Perry’s late lead evaporated with his game-winning putt coming to rest an inch away from the cup, leading to a three-man playoff between Perry, Chad Campbell, and Angel Cabrera. It ended up being probably the worst playoff in a major event in golf’s history.

Angel Cabrera smokes
(I guess you could say Cabrera smoked the competition! Oh, whatever, like you can make a better joke when you’re under deadline.)

The first playoff hole involved nobody coming close to making birdie; Cabrera’s tee shot went far into the woods, presumably so the Largentinian could sneak a few puffs away from the camera’s prying eyes. Meanwhile, Perry’s approach shot would have been better if he had just thrown his golf ball, and Chad Campbell’s was even worse. Campbell had a long putt to save par; he failed, disappointing the dozens of fans who had ever heard of him.

That left Cabrera and Perry on the second playoff hole, Hole #10. Perry stayed erratic, including sending a chip shot about 30 feet past the cup when he needed to get up and down to save par. Cabrera’s aim was truer; he two-putted for the win, and Perry’s bid to be the oldest major champion in PGA history was sunk.

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