Bynum Carrying Playboy Bunnies Above His Head

Andrew Bynum’s knee must be feeling a lot better, since the Lakers star is now strong enough to carry Playboy Playmates on his shoulders.

• Guess he finds that more fun than rehabbing with the Hoops Whisperer.

• Is there too much Twittering going on in the NBA ranks?

• One of the Oklahoma City Thunder owners has done such a good job, he awards himself with a $75 million bonus.

• Two men involved in an Internet scam were allegedly killed in a New York condo owned by ex-Jet Jonathan Vilma.

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NBA Players Turn To ‘Hoops Whisperer’ For Help

A 6-foot, 38-year-old former New York lawyer with no playing or coaching experience is the most sought-after personal trainer among NBA circles? Such is the aura & mystique of a man known as the Hoops Whisperer.

Idan Ravin Hoops Whisperer

Hannah Karp of the WALL STREET JOURNAL bounces along the story of Idan Ravin, the attorney-turned-trainer who was raised an orthodox Jew, but has many NBA stars like Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and Gilbert Arenas proclaiming “Mazeltov!” at his unorthodox training techniques.

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