Tennis And Simulated Masturbation Just Don’t Mix

The folks who run the Australian Open — who happen to go by the ultra-creative handle Tennis Australia — have always known that tennis alone is not enough to keep the people entertained. This is why they’ve done a lot of work in recent years to make the event not just a tennis tournament, but an experience. Go see Roger Federer emasculate some teenage Kiwi during the day, and then catch a burlesque show at night.

Absinthe show

Sounds like a fantastic mix, doesn’t it? Well it seems that not everybody down under agrees with our moral sensibilities here at SbB, especially when it comes to one show in particular. The show Absinthe opened at the Spiegeltent on Monday night, and apparently it offended some of those in the attendance. I guess they don’t find racial slurs and simulated masturbation to be family entertainment, the fascists.

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