Vilma’s Velcome To Talk Trade - Except With Pats

The BOSTON GLOBE reports that the New York Jets are allowing Jonathan Vilma to test the trading waters, and the linebacker is free to chat with other teams - except the Patriots.

Jonathan Vilma Jets

Two sources close to Vilma say the Jets will let Jonathan “shop his services” to the 30 other NFL franchises, but not to the guys in New England. Apparently the Jets are still a bit miffed about that whole Spygate thing at the beginning of the season. Read more…

Yabba Dabba Doo! D. McFadden Is Fred Flintstone

HOUSTON NUTT ABSOLUTELY REFUSED THE ROLE OF WILMA: The website recently asked, on behalf of Arkansas football players Darren McFadden and Felix Jones, what costumes the pair should wear for Halloween.

Darren McFadden Halloween Costume Poll

Thanks to reader Greg, we now know what dynamic duo won out (photo from today in front of the Arkansas Union):

Darren McFadden Fred Flintstone

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