The Man Controlling Most Valuable Tix In Sports

A reminder from the LA TIMES: Los Angeles is not like where you live. While CPAs, real estate barons, and financial advisers with suspiciously gifted spouses may settle into floor seats for your favorite team to rub shoulders (or have them injured) with the athletically famous, Lakers seats are part of a multi-platform product launch, skewing to male 18-34 demos with disposable income.

Lindsay Lohan at Lakers game

(They’re also a huge ego trip. Say hi to the cameras you totally didn’t see there! I think the Lakers are the ones in yellow.)

If you want to reinforce your brand, remind your manager you’re alive, or (heaven forbid) see a Lakers game up close, the man to contact is Lakers SVP of business operations Tim Harris. (Assuming, of course, no studios want you in their seats, you’re dead to CAA, and Sony’s West Coast VP of acquisitions has never forgiven you for schtupping his daughter within TMZ camera view.)

Harris is the Lakers’ official VIP fixer, arranging last-minute tickets for the high and/or mighty that want a certain amount of presence and/or face time on the Jumbotron. Lose a parking pass? Need an invite to the private bar under the Staples Center? Want an opportunity to trip your own Spur? Contact Mr. Harris. (If you have to ask for his contact info, you’re not famous enough. Sorry.)

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