Liukin And Sharapova Hot Fashion Week Buddies

Fresh off her star-making turn in the Beijing Olympics, 18-year-old Nastia Liukin is celebrating like a champion — by hanging out with hot women and making a guest appearance on a CW show. Liukin was spotted attending a runway show at New York’s Bryant Park with injured tennis star Maria Sharapova, and the two were reportedly getting along quite well.

Nastia Liukin and Maria Sharapova

Liukin looked right at home in the high-fashion world with a dress that matched her gold medals (more photos after the jump).

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Who Killed Kelly? Why, It’s Fukudome, Of Course!

When your team’s doing exceptionally well, you’re pretty sure that even two other teams put together can’t defeat them.  In this case, Cubs fans are justified in their cockiness.  Sure, they dropped two in a row to the Phillies, but who can blame them losing to Jamie Moyer?  He’s the age of two young men strapped together.

Beverly Hills 90210

No, when the Cubs play the Astros Tuesday, they will show a might that only every other major network and numerous Spanish language networks have displayed: the ability to defeat the combined forces of The WB and UPN, now known as The CW.  How?  By bumping the “refreshed” “90210″ from its highly-promoted start time to 10:30 pm.  Assuming there’s no extra innings.
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