Crisis: NBA Teams To Suspend Operations Soon?

BALL DON’T LIE published these photos from last night’s game between the much-improved Hawks and moribund Memphis at Philips Arena in Atlanta:

Atlanta Memphis play in front of friends and relatives

We’re all aware that the Hawks have never drawn well, but an attendance shortfall like last night is still appalling. And those terrible turnouts are being mirrored all over the NBA in markets like Memphis, Charlotte and even former attendance stalwart Sacramento.

It’s bad. Really bad. Worse than ever before. And with 40% of America’s net worth having vanished overnight, the NBA is in for more hard times in 2009.  Yet, David Stern still claims the league’s attendance figures really aren’t all that bad. (Yeahright.)

It’s so bad that I think the NBA may soon resemble the automotive industry’s Big Three.

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