The Big Crispy Calls Spurs’ Popovich a “Coward”

Seeing as I love watching NBA basketball and occasionally patronizing Fatburger after 3am, I must say I’m going to miss seeing and hearing The Big Judas when he finally calls it quits on his teammates like in Miami last season.

Not Shaquille O'Neal At Fatburger

(This is in no way a portrayal of Shaquille O’Neal yes it is)

Goodness knows the world would be a much more boring place if it wasn’t for Shaq’s post-practice comments today out of Phoenix. The comments in which The Big Deceiver called 4-time NBA Champion Spurs Coach Gregg Popovich a “coward.” Oh yeah, he also called out his teammates in the same sitting for blowing defensive assignments in the club’s playoff loss to the Spurs last year - since of course, he deserved none of the blame.

Transcript of his comments and audio link after the jump. Read more…