NFL TE Utecht Wants To Soft Rock You For Christ

Athletes trying to become musicians is hardly new, as anyone who has seen or heard Terry Bradshaw’s attempts to become a country star in the 1970s can attest. But Bengals tight end Ben Utecht - previously known as “that Colts TE who isn’t Dallas Clark” - is going for a different audience: the Christian rock set. Well, not so much “rock” as “pop rock” - think less Creed and more D.C. Talk.

Ben Utecht

CM SPIN says that Utecht has released his eponymous debut album with the intent of spreading joy and his Christian faith. And I used the word “attempt” because listening to some of the tracks available on his Web site, I simply have this to say: I’ve heard Stryper, I’ve seen Stryper, and you, sir, are no Stryper.

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Super Bowl Or No, So Many Steelers Dying Young

There are statistical oddities and then there are incredibly troubling statistical trends. This story falls under the latter, and it’s sure to put a damper on Pittsburgh optimism heading into Sunday’s Super Bowl. Even if they win, they’re sure to lose many of their heroes to an relatively early death, if the trends inspected in this story from the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL continue.

steve courson dead steelers
(Steve Courson, One of 21 Steelers who died young in the past 12 years.)

According to research by SUN-SENTINEL Sports Columnist David Hyde, a whopping 21 former Steelers have died in the past 12 years, and all were younger than 60. Some have come of natural causes. Some have come from freak accidents — the strangest has to be Steve Courson, who was felled by a tree, literally — and some have come from causes that may have been brought on by football — Steve Furness’s heart attack primary among them — but all of the deaths have been startling.

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Cardinals, Steelers to Tangle in Tampa For SB XLIII

• NFL Conference Championship weekend in review: The Cardinals soar over the Eagles, while the Steelers pluck the Ravens.

Cardinals Eagles Steelers Ravens

• But who cares about this year’s Big Game when you can already bet on next year’s?

Rex Ryan is your next Jets coach to be fired after a few seasons.

• The Red Sox are spending money on everything else - why not snatch up a fickle fan’s loyalty, too?

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Bradshaw’s Pitbull Buddies Bite TMZ’s Barnacles

TMZ reports last night Terry Bradshaw, Jimmy Johnson and Michael Strahan all “boozed” together at one of my favorite Hollywood haunts (really), The Belmont on La Cienega Blvd.:

Terry Bradshaw Jimmy Johnson Michael Strahan

(What I need: Pitbull flunky friends like Terry!)

They don’t just show up on Sundays and pretend to like each other — the guys from the NFL on FOX studio team also hit the bars as a team. Terry, Jimmy and Michael Strahan spent Friday night kickin’ it at the Belmont Bar and Lounge in Hollywood. And check this out — Bradshaw even got a female lead blocker on the way out. We’re told the woman in the video is being seriously considered by the Detroit Lions.

Strahan, accompanied by Jay Glazer (who was completely ignored by the TMZ video crew and editorial), was amiable amidst the cam slam. Likewise Johnson. But Bradshaw, check that, Terry Bradshaw’s friends were a completely different story. Read more…

Blog-A-Rooney: Bradshaw Admits to Steroids Use

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS is pumped up to hear that Terry Bradshaw has admitted to taking steroids during his Steelers days.

Terry Bradshaw sexy 70s photo

How else would he get a fine body like that?

Chris Olds of the ORLANDO SENTINEL takes a swing at fighting breast cancer, as MLB is auctioning off their game-used pink Mother’s Day bats.

• JOE SPORTS FAN spots a rare sighting in St. Louis - a Kansas City fan dressed in full Royals regalia.

• DEADSPIN flips the dial to learn that ESPN is trying to start up its own sports version of “The Daily Show“.

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Blog-O-Rama: A Few Words From Bobby Knight

• In recognition of Bobby Knight’s termination at Texas Tech, AOL FANHOUSE comes across these classic quips from the General:

• Meanwhile, BOILED SPORTS tries to explain why Knight’s leaving Lubbock.

• DAMN I’M CUTE believes Tara Reid was pleased with Sunday’s outcome, since she supposedly said at a Super Bowl party in Italy:,”F— Tom Brady! I hope the Giants win.

• ANGRY BACKHAND grabs a shot of a tennis coach feeling good at the Fed Cup:

Fed Cup tennis coach cops a feel

• THE LEGEND OF CECILIO GUANTE quietly recounts an evening at Madison Square Garden.

• HOME RUN DERBY reminds baseball voters which teams presidential politicos are pulling for.

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Blog-O-Rama: Terry Bradshaw’s Divine Daughter

• ON 205TH discovers that Terry Bradshaw’s daughter is quite the cutie:

Terry Bradshaw's daughter

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS isn’t very bullish on Joakim Noah’s future in Chicago.

• The LOS ANGELES TIMES has a Q&A with the author of the latest & scandalous Reggie Bush book.

• GEORGIA SPORTS BLOG sneaks a peek at the new Ohio State logo:

new Ohio State logo

• GIRLS GONE SPORTS is feeling blue about the Cowboys’ playoff loss to the Giants.

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Don’t Get Excited, He’s Not Leaving Anytime Soon

Terry Bradshaw's Bitter Beer FaceThe NEW YORK POST today splashes “exclusive” next to a headline that reads “TERRY BRADSHAW SET TO RETIRE“.

One small detail. He’s not leaving after this season. Nor after next season. Or the Season after that.

He’s retiring when his contract expires after the 2011 season. Done laughing?

Does this sound a little attention-whorish on Bradshaw’s part? Or is the NYP manufacturing breaking news that is actually rather deflating (now, they would never do that).

The only thing mildy interesting thing in the piece is Bradshaw suggesting that Michael Strahan could replace him. But that probably won’t happen, since we doubt Strahan is going to put his life in suspended animation with the off-chance that he could get to rub elbows with Curt Menefee in four years.