Why Is Defrocked UA Booster Partying With Cody?

Six days ago photos first surfaced online of Alabama football players signing memorabilia inside T-Town Menswear, a Tuscaloosa clothing store located three miles from the University of Alabama campus.

Terrence Cody and T-Town Menswear Owner Tom Al-Betar

The photos, uploaded to the Facebook accounts of store owner and proprietor Tom Al-Betar, also showed current, signed Alabama player memorabilia on display inside the store.

Among some of the football players depicted in the T-Town Menswear Facebook photos was Trent Richardson, Julio Jones and Terrence Cody.

Cody, who played an important role in the Crimson Tide’s 2009 National Championship season, is now a defensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens.

Terrence Cody new suits in TTown Menswear

Cody can be seen in T-Town Menswear photos wearing news suits inside the store, signing memorabilia and socializing with Al-Betar.

Terrence Cody signed gloves print and new suit TTown Menswear

Several of the Facebook photos show Cody holding an autographed Alabama football helmet inside T-Town Menswear two weeks before the Crimson Tide’s 2010 BCS Championship victory over Texas.

Terrence Cody signed helmet inside T-Town Menswear in 2009

In additional Al-Betar Facebook photos, a similarly-signed Cody helmet can be seen in two different display windows at T-Town Menswear, with one picture camera-timestamped Jan. 17, 2010 and the other May 26, 2010.

In a camera-timestamped photo, Cody can also be seen with several of his Alabama teammates inside the Tuscaloosa suit store on Dec. 29, 2009.

Alabama players inside T-Town Menswear 2009

From the photos posted by Al-Betar, Cody made multiple visits to T-Town Menswear over the years. During those visits Cody was often shown autographing Alabama football memorabilia.

Terrence Cody signing autographs inside TTown Menswear

Al-Betar’s personal Facebook account also featured a group of photos titled, “Boys Night Out Cody.”

Terrence Cody partying with Alabama booster Tom Al-Betar

In those pictures, Cody can be seen taking a shot with friends while in another photo he’s partaking in a hookah pipe with Al-Betar.

Also included in the photos was a shot of Cody’s family at dinner and the Alabama lineman’s infant daughter being held by Al-Betar inside T-Town Menswear.

Alabama Booster Tom Al-Betar holds Terrence Cody's baby daughter

Al-Betar’s Cody-themed photos also include Alabama football players Jones and Roy Upchurch inside T-Town Menswear as Upchurch is seen holding two packages of shirts.

Terrence Cody Julio Jones Roy Upchurch with shirts inside TTown Menswear

In response to multiple reports detailing the activities of Al-Betar and Alabama football players by Clay Travis of OutKickTheCoverage.com, Alabama reported on Friday that it sent a Dec. 22, 2010, cease-and-desist letter to Al-Betar ordering him to stop selling signed current Crimson Tide football player items at a kiosk located just outside Al-Betar’s store in Tuscaloosa’s University Mall.

Travis subsequently reported jerseys signed by Jones, Richardson and Marcell Dareus were also seen on sale at a Birmingham mall kiosk last December.

Terrence Cody 2009 Inside T-Town Menswear

Tuesday Travis reported that the University of Alabama sent an official letter to Al-Betar on March 31, 2011, informing him he had been formally disassociated from UA Athletics.

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In Lieu Of Greg Oden’s Penis, A Humble Offering

I picked a helluva day to observe our annual Greg Oden penis photo embargo on SbB. So here’s something to make up for it:

Terrence Cody Senior Bowl Photo

Scouts were disappointed with Terrence Cody’s conditioning on the first day of practice at the Senior Bowl. The former Alabama defensive tackle tipped the scales at 370 pounds.

Fat Hat tip: SI.com.

No, Facebook, Terrence Cody Is Not Going Pro

Is there a website that athletic directors hate more than Facebook? For all their efforts shielding athletes from the press and public, administrators are essentially powerless to control the message when it goes from the kid’s mind to online in as long as it takes to type.¬†99% of the time, that’s okay, but it’s that 1% that makes the news.

Cody Facebook status
(”Oh come on, the fifth exclamation point means I’m kidding!”)

Today’s news is brought to you by Terrence¬†Cody, Alabama’s behemoth defensive tackle. Cody is easily big (6′5″, 368) and talented (All-American) enough to be a first-round pick, but he wasn’t among the handful of Alabama underclassmen who filed paperwork with the NFL inquiring about draft status. That doesn’t mean he can’t go pro, mind you, it’s just a voluntary thing so the NFL can keep someone like, let’s say, Jimmy Clausen from making a very serious error by declaring for the draft and ruining his eligibility.

So it was a bit of a shock when Cody apparently announced his intention to go pro… at 1:28 a.m., on his Facebook page. Unconventional to say the least, but hey, at least we know it’s true, right? Err… right?

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