Titans Cheerleader Uses Free Time To Fix Brains

As you know, we here at SbB are determined to show you dear readers that cheerleaders are more than just pretty faces on top of hot bodies jumping and gyrating inside tight little outfits. A couple of weeks ago we told you about how hard that the Chargers cheerleaders work to entertain the masses on Sunday, and today we bring you the story of a very special cheerleader.

Melissa Tennessee Titans cheerleader

Melissa spends her Sundays in front of 70,000 fans getting them pumped up to help the Tennessee Titans vanquish their foes. A classically trained ballerina, Melissa brings a little more class to her dance routines, even if she’s not performing in a tutu. Of course, being a ballerina is only one of Melissa’s many talents. If she needs to, she can also take a look at your brain and figure out why you’re such an idiot.

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