Candace Parker Is Extremely Proud Of Her C-Cups

Candace Parker might be the best women’s basketball player in the world. She’s also pregnant, and got hitched in a shotgun marriage to a guy nicknamed “The Landlord”. But perhaps most importantly to her, she fills out a C cup bra. At least that’s the story, according to ESPN’s Allison Glock.

candace parker pregnant

Just how fond is Parker of her bra size? Fond enough that Glock felt she had to mention it twice in the first paragraph of her ESPN The Magazine feature about marketing Parker, both domestically and overseas. Or maybe Glock is just jealous of the C cups herself? Whatever the reason, ESPN is typecasting Parker as a potential female Michael Jordan, which, of course, is impossible. Then again, it’d also be impossible to mention Parker’s breasts or her “endless legs” more prominently in the article.

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Stanford Ruins Women’s Tourney For Us Yet Again

As Brooks enjoys the sights & sounds of San Antonio (Hubert Davis! Wimp Sanderson!), the sisters were doin’ it for themselves down in Tampa Bay on Sunday, as the women’s NCAA basketball championship is now set.

Tennessee LSU Stanford UConn Womens Final Four

Tennessee escaped against LSU with a last-second shot, while Stanford stymied Connecticut to advance to the title game. And once again, the Cardinal have corrupted the potentially higher entertainment value of the ladies’ tourney.

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ESPN Tours Can Cause NCAA Violations? LMAO

A high school recruit’s visit to the ESPN studios may have gotten the University of Connecticut into trouble with the NCAA.

Maya Moore ESPN studios

Shelley Smith reports that her employer may have helped the Huskies commit violations when they allowed women’s basketball recruit Maya Moore to take a trip around the Bristol-based buildings. Sources say the UConn-requested tour was considered an “improper benefit” that Moore received during her 2005 visit to the school.

The NCAA apparently began the investigation after receiving a tip from the Huskies’ biggest on-court nemesis. Read more…