Selfish LenDale White “Didn’t Care” About Loss

Apparently, all it took was one loss for some ugly fissures in the Tennessee Titans’ sense of team unity to be laid open. In this case, the TENNESSEAN says the aggrieved party is Titans running back/Dr. Dre lookalike LenDale White, who went off to a reporter about his playing time after getting only one carry. Imagine if they lose a second game this season - the locker room might be ripped in two.

LenDale White

It would be great to report that despite his limited playing time yesterday, White remained enthusiastic and a team player, and didn’t turn into a selfish jerk. However…seriously, this is an NFL player we’re talking about here. How do you think it’s going to play out?

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Titans Try Out New Same-Name Offensive Scheme

People simply won’t give up on the 2005 draft class. Vince Young and Reggie Bush are gonna show y’all someday that they’re better than Mario Williams.* And the Tennessee Titans certainly qualify as “people” - they need Vince to be good. Otherwise … well, they won’t.

Vince Young

Which is why they fired brilliant offensive mastermind-guru type Norm Chow and hired someone else (seriously, no one’s an upgrade, guys). Until you realize, via THE SCORE, what Mike Heimerdinger has in store for this team to shock opposing defenses - the ole’ Same Name System.

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