AZ Teen Sent Home For Wearing Steelers Jersey

This is a free country, and freedom of expression is considered paramount among the liberties that have been indoctrinated in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Evidently those freedoms don’t necessarily carry over to schools in Arizona, however, where teens are being sent home for wearing Steelers colors to school.

crazy pittsburgh fan steelers penguins
(If they booted a teen for a jersey, what would Arizona do to this guy?)

The banishment in question, according to Pittsburgh TV station WPXI, came at the expense of 13-year-0ld Tristan Carrick, a Stepping Stones Academy student who dared trespass by wearing black and gold to school for Stepping Stones’ “Spirit Day”.

The school’s justification for giving Carrick the boot was that his jersey wasn’t red and white — as stipulated by the “Spirit Day” manifesto, which, evidently, had been hastily created the day before and goes completely against a student’s right to express himself through his choice of apparel (there’s art in there somewhere).

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John Daly Discovers Another Use For A Beer Can

It’s pretty clear at this moment that John Daly is a modern day George Washington Carver, in that he finds all sorts of ways to take a beer can and use it in everyday life. Art decor! A makeshift carnival game! You can .. um .. drink them! And now Daly shows his latest use:

Via FANHOUSE, Daly was paired up with the skeletal crooner Kid Rock at the Buick Open Pro-Am in Michigan and showed the crowd that, yes, you can use a beer can as a golf tee. Read more…