Happy Halloween America — Be Careful Out There

We’re fully stocked with fun-size Milky Way bars here at SbB headquarters, and if there isn’t a wide variety of people dressed in various versions of the above costume tonight, we’ll be sorely disappointed. Party hardy, everyone; but use caution. We value each and every one of you.


Book: Lab Took BP With Ted Williams Frozen Head

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s starting off my Friday with a gruesome description of how lab workers played batting practice with the cryogenically frozen head of baseball legend Ted Williams. That’s the claim in a new book by a former executive at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation in Scottsdale, Ariz.

Ted Williams

Yikes. The freezing of Williams’ head had become the stuff of jokes and legend before this revelation surfaced, unfortunately, and now it all just reaches a whole new, creepy level. And that’s not the only shocking revelation in the book. Read more…

Another Boston D-Bag: Red Sox Buy “Fan” Loyalty

You think you hate the Red Sox? You don’t know about hate. Read this post and you’ll know hate.


That’s Tim. He was a “life-long fan” of the Padres, but became increasingly disillusioned with the team’s direction. So he put his loyalty on the market. He sent letters to the 29 other teams, offering his fandom. Nothing is more despicable than a bandwagon fan, right? What team would lower themselves to accept this mercenary, who’s after nothing more than publicity and some free gear.

If I hadn’t told you it was Boston who jumped at the chance, you would have known anyway. Tim’s letter, and the Sox’s response, after the jump.

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One More Chair Shot, But This Time With Feeling

McCain Undone By “Thaw Ted Williams” Lobby?

David Ortiz is hurt. Josh Beckett is ineffective. The Rays aren’t rolling over. You’d think Red Sox fans had more important things to worry about than Ted Williams‘ frozen corpse. You’d be wrong.

John McCain as Ted Williams

At the intersection of Craigslist and Boston lies the nexus of crazy. Consider this post from an outraged fan calling on all fans to “show [their] team spirit” by making sure the Splendid Splinter’s final resting place isn’t headless and upside down in a large popsicle mold somewhere in Arizona. Hey, isn’t Arizona the home state of a certain politician running for a certain higher office? Therein lies a major campaign issue. Apparently. (Verbatim crazy after the jump.)
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Bid On Ted Williams’ Mounted Head…Sort Of

According to a release on PR INSIDE, on Nov. 23, you can bid on a treasure trove of Ted Williams’ personal effects as part of the estate sale of his third wife, Dolores Wettach. And no, you can’t bid on his head. At least not his own, personal, cryogenically-frozen head.

Ted Williams

However, you can bid on several heads of big game that the renowed hunter killed in his lifetime, including: a Greater Kudu, two Sable Antelope, and a Cape Buffalo. Also, you can bid on the head of Bambi’s mother, which few people know Williams also shot and killed.

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Final Event At Old Yankee Stadium An NHL Game?

The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that momentum is building for an NHL game to be played at Yankee Stadium next winter, which would likely be the final event held at the ballpark before the Yanks move across the street to their new digs in 2009.

Yankee Stadium As Hockey Rink

All indications are that the Yankees are intrigued by the idea, no doubt spurred on by the big success in Buffalo on New Year’s Day, and have reportedly met with NHL officials about the possibility.

But now the question is, which two of the three New York-area teams would play in the game?

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