Without Feathers: The Famous Chicken May Retire

Unlike the Brett Favre saga, here’s a will-he-retire-or-won’t-he story that actually has my interest. Ted Giannoulas, who has donned a chicken suit to entertain the sports masses for the past 35 years, says that he may retire as The Famous Chicken. For me, this is akin to Willie Mays hanging up the uniform, or Lassie refusing to save Timmy from the well.

The Famous Chicken

Giannoulas is not planning to hang up the feathers because he has lost the drive to perform. He’s 55, but still has some antics left in him. But there aren’t as many gigs as there used to be; just about every pro and college sports franchise now has its own mascot, due in major part to the fact, ironically, that Giannoulas made mascots popular back in the day. Read more…