Twitter And Live Baseball? Oh, This’ll Be Good

Ever notice that television companies really have no idea how to incorporate other, newer technology into their broadcasts? We don’t either, for what it’s worth, but TV shows go ahead and incorporate anyway, leading to such disasters as CNN anchors reading Tweets live on air. Why? Nobody knows why, but they “want to hear from you” all the same.

Fail Whale
(Dr. Fail Whale, you’re wanted at the baseball field. Paging Dr. Fail Whale.)

Luckily, aside from ESPN’s Blog Buzz, the sports world has mostly kept its hands clean of social media; you do see baseball announcers ask you to email them questions or other such nonsense, but it’s hardly a mainstay of the industry. That is, until baseball got a hold of this Twitter thing.

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Pirates Invest in New Technology; Players Next?

“Hello? Neal? Neal Huntington, wake up! This is your boss, Bob Nutting. I just saw the damnedest informercial on the Food Network and we totally have to get this for the Pirates. It’s this pitching machine, right? But instead of looking at the machine shoot you the ball, it’s hidden behind a screen and a pitcher is pitching on the screen and then the ball comes through the screen!”

ProBatter in action

“Mr. Nutting, sir? Have you been playing with the espresso machine after midnight again?”

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