Your Official World Cup Team-Branded ‘Stab Vest’

I’ve honestly been debating whether I want to attend the World Cup this summer in South Africa. Like many of you, I’m a little concerned about how safe the country will be considering the nation’s reputation for civil unrest.

World Cup Stab Vests

(22 hours in Coach to Cape Town just got a lot easier)

But those fears have now been calmed thanks to this handy piece of sports merchandise: a team-branded ’stab vest’:

Order a PROTEKTORVEST with your team colours. We have all 32 Team Badges available and many more. Add unqiue messages to your vest! PROTEKTORVEST.COM os the No. 1 in personal protection cloting for the world cup 2010.

The official stab vest of the World Cup. Thanks for that.

But that’s not all, thanks to your team-branded stab vest, you can also connect on Facebook with other people who wear team-branded stab vests.

Connect on Facebook with stab vest friends

(Country selection completely random)


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