ESPN-TV: “TCU Would Never Make It To Atlanta”

College football fans across the country expressed a wide variety of emotions Saturday during ESPN’s College Gameday show after the network aired a short lead-in piece setting up a discussion segment on today’s SEC Championship game in Atlanta between South Carolina and Auburn.

The 90-second piece showed various images of SEC football as a narrator set the scene for today’s game. But what caused a noticeable reaction across the country on the web was what the narrator said about TCU. A minute into the video, the voiceover proclaimed, “TCU would never make it to Atlanta. In Atlanta, we settle things on the field.”

Immediately after the piece aired, almost every manner of college football fan on message boards and Twitter expressed real-time surprise, disdain and in the case of many SEC fans, sheer ecstasy.

In observing that widespread reax, there was one common theme: Thousands of fans thought that ESPN was making a statement about what it thought of the legitimacy of TCU as a college football power. Read more…

TCU Line Coach Has Heart Attack During Game

TCU offensive line coach Eddie Williamson suffered a heart attack during Saturday’s game against San Diego State.

Eddie Williamson TCU coach heart attack

Stefan Stevenson of the Fort Worth Star Telegram reports that Williamson suffered the attack during the first quarter when the 3rd-ranked Horned Frogs were down 14-0 to the Aztecs.

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TCU Coach Berated Dr. For Protecting KO’d Player

Kevin O’Reilly of the American Medical Association had an extremely troubling report out of Ft. Worth this week from TCU football team physician Dr. Samuel Haraldson.

Gary Patterson Dr. Samuel Haraldson

(Dr. on Patterson’s staff? The truth shall get you fired.)

Haraldson reported to the AMA that after TCU football player Ed Wesley was literally knocked unconscious and later suffered memory loss during a Sept. 24 game against SMU, the doctor was “insanely” berated by TCU head coach Gary Patterson when Haraldson refused to allow Patterson to put Wesley back in the game.

Haraldson in the AMA report:

“Then five or six plays later, I literally was verbally accosted by the coach, screaming at me insanely at the top of his lungs that he doesn’t think [Wesley] has a concussion and what right do I have to hold him out.”

More from the AMA’s O’Reilly:

“Then five or six plays later, I literally was verbally accosted by the coach, screaming at me insanely at the top of his lungs that he doesn’t think [Wesley] has a concussion and what right do I have to hold him out,” Dr. Haraldson said.

Once TCU took control of the game, going on to win 41-24, TCU Coach Gary Patterson returned and “cast a pseudo-apology” for the outburst, Dr. Haraldson said.

Asked days after the game by ESPN Dallas about Wesley’s condition, Patterson said the sophomore running back was fine. “As far as I’m concerned,” the coach added, “he was fine 10 minutes after he got hurt.”

With TCU football staff member Dr. Haraldson exposing Patterson’s appalling actions, which are infinitely worse than what supposedly got Mike Leach fired at Texas Tech, it was a given that Haraldson would soon be forced to release a subsequent statement painting Patterson in a favorable light. Read more…

Audio: TCU’s Gary Patterson On Ass-Less Chaps

Jay Christensen of via Jimmy Traina at’s Hot Clicks via Jim Beseda of the PORTLAND OREGONIAN has the delightful highlights of a media conference call Tuesday involving Oregon State Coach Mike Riley and TCU Coach Gary Patterson as they discussed their Sept. 4 season opener at Cowboy Stadium in Dallas.

Gary Patterson asked about ass-less chaps

Beseda was nice enough to transcribe what happened and Jay Christensen came through huge with the audio.

Operator: “We’ll go next to Amy Cummings with Rawhide Nation Sports Blog.”

Blogger: “Hey, coaches. Uhh, Coach Riley, whose team has the most arrests, you guys or the Oregon Ducks?” Read more…

First Timer TCU With Year’s Best GameDay Sign

Best GameDay sign I’ve seen this year that thankfully isn’t a gratuitous off-color reference:

(Upset: TCU students give us best GameDay sign o’ season)

Well-played, Frog fans. Amazing that you can actually display something genuinely funny and original without it referencing a bodily function or sexual orientation. Sadly though, saw no references to “IT’S RAINING FROGS, GET ON YOUR KNEES!

My breakdown of USC-Stanford and pick after the jump. Read more…

Former TCU Football Player Shot Over Can Of Beer

Alcohol and firearms don’t mix. Hoo boy howdy, do they ever not mix. Wait, a slight amendment: they mix, but only in the same way that the red liquid and clear liquid mix in Die Hard With A Vengeance: horribly violently.

Schlitz Sandwich
(Instead of a handgun, why not complement your beer with a ham sandwich?)

Exhibit number eleventy berjillion in “do not handle your handgun when drunk and angry” is the case of former TCU defensive tackle Lorenzo Jones, who started a fight that ended quite poorly for him over a can of beer. No, wait - he started it over pride, which is a deadly sin for a reason; the can of beer is a mere prop.

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Speed Read: Can We End The Stanley Cup Finals?

Let’s be honest with ourselves: the Penguins are done. Sure, technically all Detroit did on Sunday night was hold home ice advantage with their 3-1 win over Pittsburgh in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals, the same score as Game 1. But their 2-0 lead pretty much feels insurmountable - does anyone feel like the Penguins can take four of the next five games against the Red Wings? Didn’t think so.

Chris Osgood

Especially since the Red Wings and their old, tired legs, were able to outhustle, outskate and just plain outplay the Penguins 24 hours after Game 1, a made-for-TV contrivance that was supposed to be their downfall. Pittsburgh’s Big Two of Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin have combined for one goal in the first two games, half as many as Detroit’s Justin Abdelkader, who was playing minor-league hockey in May. And both of his goals have been beauties, including his singlehanded effort last night:

The bottom line for Pittsburgh is simple: when their main goal scorers are being held in check, and their goaltending is soft, they are going to lose. It doesn’t matter how much revenge they want, or if Evgeni Malkin tries to start fights to fire the team up - Detroit is just the better team (and doing this without Pavel Datsyuk, mind you).

Speaking of Malkin’s fisticuffs: despite picking up an instigator penalty at the end of Game 2, which should be an automatic one-game suspension, the NHL has decided that Malkin will be on the ice when the serious returns to Pittsburgh. Think the league wants to avoid a sweep?

OK, remember how Texas beat Boston College 3-2 in 25 innings Friday night-slash-Saturday morning in an NCAA baseball tournament game? Well, their following opponents were Army, and while the game ended in nine innings, it was just as dramatic as the BC contest. The Longhorns scored eight times in the ninth inning for a 14-10 win, including a walk-off grand slam by Preston Clark. Check out the highlights here:

With the win, Texas advances to the Super Regional, where they will play TCU in a Best-of-Three series that will likely come down to the final pitch of Game Three. Seriously, guys, it’s OK just to win a 5-1 snoozer every once in a while. (Or if you are Florida State, a 37-6 snoozer.)

Jamie Moyer

Finally, congratulations for Jamie Moyer for getting his 250th career win yesterday, a 4-2 Phillies win over the Nationals. (And really, shouldn’t that could as half a win?) The achievements of the 46-year-old goes to show that not being able to throw hard enough to break glass isn’t a prerequisite to being successful. And it also shows that if you are a lefty with a durable arm, even a 4.23 career ERA can’t keep you from reaching some big milestones.

  • Give Brad Childress credit for having a good sense of humor: he busted out a nifty fake wig atop his notorious chrome dome at practice, and then said that he would only wear it during the season “if it had ‘Reebok’ across the top of it.” Here’s the photographic evidence (and it still looked better than Jared Allen’s hair):
  • Brad Childress

  • BLACK SPORTS ONLINE wants LeBron James to “man up” and shake hands after getting knocked out of the playoffs, or come to the post-game press conference. Two things he didn’t do last night after the Magic bounced the Cavs.
  • The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim rallied from a seven-run deficit in the final three innings to beat the Mariners 9-8 yesterday. Talk to Texas about it, guys.
  • I’m making a list of pitchers who don’t want to go to the Chicago White Sox, and apparently every No. 1 is on the list. First it was Jake Peavy of the Padres rejecting a deal, and now the HOUSTON CHRONICLE is saying that Roy Oswalt of the Astros will exercise his veto rights to nix any deal. But I’m sure Barry Zito is still available.
  • Here’s one way to break out of 0-for-18 slump: Ali Gardiner ripped a grand slam with two outs in the bottom of the last inning to lift the Florida over Alabama 6-5 to send the Gators to the College Softball World Series championship game.
  • How not to win your first PGA Tour tournament: miss putts inside 10 feet on the final hole of regulation and the first hole of a playoff, and then have your approach on the second playoff hole ricochet off the pin and roll back more than 20 feet from the hole. Steve Stricker was the beneficiary of Tim Clark’s bad luck/meltdown, picking up the Crowne Plaza Invitational.
  • The Orlando Magic thought they had lost All-Star point guard Jameer Nelson to injury for the season back in February, but now the ORLANDO SENTINEL is saying that the rehab for his shoulder injury is “dramatically” ahead of schedule and he might be available for the NBA Finals.
  • Arkansas DT Lavunce Askew was arrested on Saturday after allegedly stealing a laptop from an apartment. His teammate Matt Marshall also stole an iPod Touch, but was not charged after he returned it to the doorstep and helped police track down Askew. See, Marshall might be a thief and a stool pigeon, but his heart is in the right place.
  • World champion hurdler Jana Rawlinson was forced to confirm an embarrassing, poorly-kept secret circulating around the track world for months. Not that she’s using PEDs, but that she had breast augmentation. You would think if there’s one sport where being busty is a disadvantage, it’s hurdling. Check out some Russ Meyer-approved before and after action:
  • Jana Rawlinson

  • A tough week for auto racing: two veteran drivers are killed in separate short-track racing incidents in the Midwest.

Other than Kobe and Superman, who is the most important player in the NBA Finals?

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Cowboys Scout Left Paralyzed From Tent Collapse

• The collapse of the Dallas Cowboys’ practice tent has caused scouting assistant Rich Behm (inset) to be paralyzed from the waist down.

Rich Behm Cowboys practice tent collapse

• The family of b-ball recruit Renardo Sidney were expecting to be paid big bucks for steering their star son toward USC.

• Rehab or TV reunion? Which one do you think Dennis Rodman chose?

• The banishment of TCU student reporter Brian Smith from Mountain West TV was actually the work of Horned Frogs head coach Gary Patterson.

• The best thing about being named NBA MVP? Getting a brand new Kia! LeBron James must be thrilled.

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TCU Coach Behind Student Reporter’s Banishment

Last month, TCU student reporter Brian Smith dared to share his opinion about the Horned Frogs’ QB situation, stating on the Mountain West’s TV network that freshman Casey Pachall was good enough to unseat shaky starter Andy Dalton. Well, TCU media relations director Mark Cohen doesn’t like students having an opinion about the football team other than “Go Frogs!”, so he got Smith sacked from the airwaves.

Gary Patterson TCU coach

But Cohen isn’t alone in the blame of banishing Brian. Apparently Mark was just doing the dirty work for the man who really wants to mute the media - TCU head coach Gary Patterson.

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Lindsay Soto’s NHL Coverage Comes w/Cleavage

Lindsay Soto sure knows how to keep abreast of NHL playoff action.

Lindsay Soto

• Perhaps looking for a little more face time, the Atlanta Hawks’ bird-brained mascot makes a temporary home on top of TNT’s backboard camera.

• Ex-Jag Jimmy Smith gives new meaning to “possession receiver“.

• MMA women menstruating does not make for a bloody good fight.

• That’s bra-wful: Brandi Chastain’s famous World Cup cups holder is caught up in bankruptcy court.

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