Photos: USC Players At NFL Agent-Hosted Party

Friday USC running back Dillon Baxter was deemed ineligible by the school after USC’s compliance office found he had committed an NCAA violation by accepting a ride in a golf cart on campus from USC student Teague Egan on Thursday.

Teague Egan USC Party Photo

(USC players at Egan company’s party - pic posted by Jordan Campbell)

Egan is no ordinary student. He’s also a registered agent with the NFL Players Association and CEO of 1st Round Enterprises - an entertainment agency fronting what appears to be a glorified party planning company. (For now.)

Teague Egan USC Party Photo

(U of L’s Campbell is listed as “partner” on NFL agent’s official website)

While Baxter’s eligibilty is reportedly expected to be reinstated by the NCAA in short order, his brush with Egan has set off alarm bells as to how many other USC players may have improper relationships with the registered NFL player agent.

Teague Egan USC Party Photo

If photos from First Round’s official Facebook page are any indication, it appears those concerns may be justified. Read more…

Congressman Calls Taylor Mays A “Headhunter”

Oh, sports and politics. You mix together like champagne and sh*t. The latest incident of a politician addressing sports for no discernible reason comes from the House Judiciary Committee, which is addressing the rising evidence of destructive brain trauma in football. That much is okay. Calling out a specific football player, though, come on.

Taylor Mays Representative Dan Lungren

That’s USC All-Universe safety Taylor Mays, whose speed (4.35) and heft (230+ lbs.) make him one of the most violent hitters in recent college football memory. He makes Bob Sanders look like Summer Sanders. He also has a reputation for unclean hits of the helmet-to-helmet variety, one that’s not entirely undeserved. But he’s not exceptionally dirty, so why would a House Representative - from California, of all states - call Mays out as a “headhunter”?

Oh, did we mention the Congressman in question, Dan Lungren (R-Gold River) is a Notre Dame alumnus? Would that help?

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Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett Expecting Baby

• Not only are Kendra Wilkinson & Hank Baskett getting hitched, but they’ll soon hear the pitter-patter of little feet around the Playboy Grotto.

Kendra Wilkinson Hank Baskett

• The Orlando Magic finally make the NBA Finals interesting.

• An RV crash kills the girlfriend, brother & dog of pro golfer Ken Green.

• Ex-Bear Roland Harper gets snared in a Chicago school landscaping scandal.

• West Virginia coach Bob Huggins battles his bathroom door - and loses.

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USC Safety Hangs Out With Song Girls (w/Video)

Taylor Mays is a bad, bad man. He’s listed at 6′3″, 230 pounds, is lightning fast, and can hit hard enough to make this happen. He also just so happens to play for Pete Carroll and USC, so he is a lucky, lucky man.

USC Song Girls
(Oh? You don’t go to USC? Your school only has “regular” cheerleaders? What a pity.)

So not only does he go to school on a gorgeous campus, he’s cheered to victory by the famous Song Girls and has a coach cool enough to let him make a video of his time with the ladies. That’s after the break.

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