Garnett Still Going With Ex-T-Wolves Cheerleader?

Brooks will soon be heading cross-country, and we found his perfect vehicle.

• Is Kevin Garnett still cuddling up with an ex-T-Wolves cheerleader?

Kevin Garnett Cheating Krissy

Rick Reilly takes his women to the nicest places - like the press box.

• Sexy softball star Taryne Mowatt wants Erin Andrews’ job.

Bill Parcells isn’t mad, he just didn’t hear Jason Taylor come in.

• A high school girls basketball coach is charged with having a little extra one-on-one with one of her players.

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Sexy Softballer Wants to Be the Next Erin Andrews

Taryne Mowatt has a lot going for her. The star softball hurler for the Arizona Wildcats knocks out fans with her beauty, while she knocks out batters with her pitching prowess.

Taryne Mowatt ESPY award

(Is that an ESPY Award in your hands, or are we just glad to see you?)

But looks & athletic skill are not enough for Taryne. She wants more.

She wants fame. She wants TV work. She wants Erin Andrews’ job.

Taryne Mowatt Erin Andrews

(Watch out, Erin - Taryne’s gunnin’ for ya!)

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Blog-O-Rama: SalesGenie Super Bowl Ad Racist?

• MJD of YAHOO SPORTS growls about one Super Bowl ad panda-ring to offensive stereotypes:

Super Bowl ad Chinese panda

• In a similar vein, PYLE OF LIST brings up their choices of 9 racist moments in sports history.

• TOWEL ROAD points out Sunday’s game wasn’t just for Giants and Pats supporters, but also for Bears fans.

• RIZZO SPORTS BLOG tosses a few questions at Arizona’s stunning softball pitcher, Taryne Mowatt:

Taryne Mowatt

• AOL FANHOUSE reads up on some Amazon users having some fun tagging the Pats’ karma-killing 19-0 book.

• FOOD COURT LUNCH digests the trials of Raptors forward Andrea Bargnani’s great escape.

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